Thursday, December 26, 2013

Plenty more WNW swell for the last week of the year!

Super quickie as the holiday germs have descended on me and I’m sacking out early…

Surf forecast is looking good!  Some WNW groundswells are marching across the North Pacific and we should have a solid week of fun surf ahead of us.  It won’t be huge but there will be energy and swell with a little kick.  Good direction for most spots around town to have mostly waist to shoulder high surf for the next seven days.  The next swell is filling in as I type.  Swells should be biggest Sunday midday and late Tues into Wed and fading Thursday.  Not a bad way to kick off 2014!

Weather is looking pretty awesome with low to mid 70s all week along the coast during the day.  Nighttime temps in the high 50s/low 50s but mostly clear.  Winds stay light out of the N and NE.  A bit of Santa Ana now through Saturday so watch for fire danger around town.  Dealing with a bit of a high tide in the morning and draining out until the midday low low tide then back up to a medium high tide for the sunset session.

I’ll put something together with more details tomorrow!  Have a great time surfing and happy holidays!

Stay wet San Diego!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with December 27, 2013.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
F   27     High   4:34 AM     5.1   6:50 AM    Rise  1:37 AM      37
    27      Low  11:40 AM     0.8   4:50 PM     Set 12:55 PM
    27     High   5:41 PM     3.0
    27      Low  10:34 PM     1.8
Sa  28     High   5:20 AM     5.5   6:51 AM    Rise  2:40 AM      27
    28      Low  12:28 PM    -0.1   4:51 PM     Set  1:40 PM
    28     High   6:42 PM     3.3
    28      Low  11:30 PM     1.7
Su  29     High   6:05 AM     6.0   6:51 AM    Rise  3:44 AM      17
    29      Low   1:12 PM    -0.8   4:52 PM     Set  2:30 PM
    29     High   7:32 PM     3.6
M   30      Low  12:22 AM     1.6   6:51 AM    Rise  4:49 AM      9
    30     High   6:50 AM     6.4   4:52 PM     Set  3:28 PM
    30      Low   1:55 PM    -1.4
    30     High   8:18 PM     3.9
Tu  31      Low   1:11 AM     1.6   6:52 AM    Rise  5:51 AM      3
    31     High   7:35 AM     6.8   4:53 PM     Set  4:32 PM
    31      Low   2:37 PM    -1.6
    31     High   9:02 PM     4.1

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fun week of waves AND weather ahead!

Happy Winter Solstice!  It looks as though (and I hope I don’t jinx this) Mother Nature is finally getting the message that it’s winter because we’re seeing some nice swells brewing in the ol’ Northern Pacific Hemisphere.  Sunday we’re staring off with some smaller swell in the waist high range but it looks like that W groundswell should start filling in by midday.  The super long period swells will start showing as inconsistent waist/chest high surf and by nightfall it looks like we will see some chest/shoulder high surf.  Monday is when things really get good with solid shoulder to HH surf throughout all of SD County.  Expect some OH+ sets at the better winter spots.  The swell goes from a straight west and a bit closed out in spots on Sunday to a tad more northerly on Monday which will be better for most of the breaks…beach or reef.  Size holds all day Monday with consistency improving all day.  Tuesday starts off in the shoulder/HH range but quickly dissipates through the day with waist/chest by the evening session. Wednesday, Christmas Day, looks like waist high and still tapering off through the day.  Thursday is the smallest day with thigh to waist high surf most everywhere.  The good news is that by Friday we’re looking at another NW to fill in.  This one’s not as clean as the previous swell but still looks to have some nice energy to it.  Size should bump up into the waist high range for Friday and Sat and even a little bigger by Sunday with yet another swell.

The even better news is that Fall weather is showing up just in time for winter!  After tonight’s COLD spell look for daytime air temps to bump up into the low/mid 70s starting Sunday through the entire week.  Looks like we’re sunny and warm all week with clouds filling in again for the weekend but dry conditions so no rain in the 10-day forecast.  Winds look like they’re going to cooperate too with NE winds overnight, calm or light offshore Sunday then light NE winds for the rest of the week.   Water temps are still pretty  nice with low 60s around most of town.  Tides will not be moving a lot as we come off the full moon but we’ll see a medium low early early morning pushing to a medium high tide by midday and then back out to a pretty low tide in the evening.

Overall it’s shaping up to be a pretty nice holiday week with sunshine, clean conditions and even some fun swell! 

Happy holidays and don’t forget to...stay wet San Diego!
 Holidays are a great time to surf with friends and family!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with December 22, 2013. 
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
Su  22     High  12:25 AM     3.8   6:48 AM     Set 10:01 AM      83
    22      Low   5:21 AM     2.5   4:48 PM    Rise  9:49 PM
    22     High  11:08 AM     4.4
    22      Low   6:12 PM     0.5
M   23     High   1:11 AM     3.8   6:49 AM     Set 10:33 AM      75
    23      Low   6:27 AM     2.6   4:48 PM    Rise 10:44 PM
    23     High  11:53 AM     4.0
    23      Low   6:51 PM     0.9
Tu  24     High   2:02 AM     4.0   6:49 AM     Set 11:06 AM      66
    24      Low   7:54 AM     2.5   4:49 PM    Rise 11:39 PM
    24     High   1:01 PM     3.4
    24      Low   7:37 PM     1.2
W   25     High   2:55 AM     4.2   6:50 AM     Set 11:40 AM      57
    25      Low   9:27 AM     2.1   4:49 PM
    25     High   2:40 PM     3.0
    25      Low   8:32 PM     1.5
Th  26     High   3:46 AM     4.6   6:50 AM    Rise 12:37 AM      47
    26      Low  10:43 AM     1.5   4:50 PM     Set 12:16 PM
    26     High   4:21 PM     2.9
    26      Low   9:33 PM     1.7

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More fun surf on the way...but rain first!

Well wasn’t that fun?  I hope everyone got a bit of swell these past few days.  We’ll see the tail end of that WNW and minor SW combo for Wednesday with surf in the waist and occasional chest high range for the morning sessions and waist high by the evening.  Thursday we’re going to see a little foul weather move in and with that we’ll see a fair amount of wind (and some rain) and some waist high wind swell.  More wind swell out of the WNW Friday with size bumping up into the chest/shoulder high range for the day, peaking early and backing off all afternoon.  Winds don’t look favorable but there will be waves!  Saturday size is back down into the waist high range from the left over windswell and although it diminishes through the day we should see some early arrivals from the next NW ground swell. 

This swell looks pretty nice with a few days of sustained size and decent conditions.  Swell start to fill in Sunday morning with super inconsistent waves high waves and chest high sets out of the west.  Size and consistency pick up through the day with chest/shoulder high surf by nightfall and some HeadHigh + sets.  Shoulder high surf at most spots around town for Monday with HH and OverHead sets through the day especially.  Lots of west so direct west facing beaches might be a bit closed out…north and south facing beaches doing a little better with the wrap around.  Tuesday starts off with plenty of surf in the chest/shoulder range with some larger sets and backs off through the day with waist/chest by nightfall.  The good news is that it looks like there’s another storm brewing in the North Pacific so hopefully we should see more good WNW groundswell out of that for the end of that next week.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Weather wise we’re looking at a cooling trend as we head into the end of the week.  Partly sunny skies, air temps in the high 60s and an offshore breeze for Wednesday morning. The Jet Stream is throwing a little system at us that looks to bring some showers late Wednesday and on into Thursday and much cooler air temps in the mid to high 50s.  Not a lot of rain but some funky south winds by Wed afternoon/evening through Thursday and on into Friday.  Onshore winds for most of Friday, picking up Friday evening with some gusty winds that calm a bit for the morning sessions but will still be blowing out of the N/NW before turning offshore again for Saturday.  More sunshine for the weekend and back to our high 60s/low 70s for the rest of next week.  Big tide swings still as we just had the full moon.  Mid-morning big high tide push draining out all day to a late afternoon negative low.  Water temps in the low 60s.

Looks like some fun surf in our future!
Stay Wet San Diego!

New swell filling in

Amazing sunset

  New swell's arrival...happy surfers!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with December 18, 2013.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
W   18      Low   2:43 AM     2.0   6:46 AM     Set  7:33 AM      99
    18     High   8:55 AM     5.8   4:46 PM    Rise  6:17 PM
    18      Low   3:57 PM    -0.6
    18     High  10:29 PM     3.8
Th  19      Low   3:16 AM     2.1   6:47 AM     Set  8:14 AM      98
    19     High   9:26 AM     5.5   4:46 PM    Rise  7:09 PM
    19      Low   4:29 PM    -0.4
    19     High  11:05 PM     3.8
F   20      Low   3:52 AM     2.2   6:47 AM     Set  8:52 AM      94
    20     High   9:58 AM     5.2   4:47 PM    Rise  8:02 PM
    20      Low   5:02 PM    -0.2
    20     High  11:43 PM     3.7
Sa  21      Low   4:32 AM     2.4   6:48 AM     Set  9:27 AM      89
    21     High  10:31 AM     4.9   4:47 PM    Rise  8:55 PM
    21      Low   5:36 PM     0.1
Su  22     High  12:25 AM     3.8   6:48 AM     Set 10:01 AM      83
    22      Low   5:21 AM     2.5   4:48 PM    Rise  9:49 PM
    22     High  11:08 AM     4.4
    22      Low   6:12 PM     0.5

Friday, December 13, 2013

Some fun WNW AND SW on the way!

Happy Friday the 13th all!  As luck would have it there’s actually a little swell on the way.  We’ve got some small WNW mixed with a slightly more dominant SW swell today.  We’ll see small WNW for Saturday with size bumping up a little for Sunday as more WNW fills in.  Size in the waist high range for late Sat and early Sun…tide dependant.  Late Sunday a late (or really early) season SW groundswell fills in.  Looks like we’ll see some fun waist high waves at the better summer beaches with the occasional chest high set especially as it fills in more on Monday.  Monday we’re also looking at new WNW groundswell that will give the beaches a boost with waist/chest high waves at the better winter beaches. Size builds through the day but really just maxes out overnight and early Tuesday morning in the chest/shoulder high range.  Peaking in the morning the swell backs down through the day but we’ll still see waist high waves by evening.  Wednesday will see fading waist high surf and back down to thigh/waist high be evening.  Interestingly another SW fills in late Wed and Thursday sees a combo of both SW groundswell AND later in the day some decent sized WNW. That WNW will be another quick one day swell with Friday looking like some good HH+ waves peaking early before backing off quickly through the day.

Weather wise we’re moving into a little weekend and early week Santa Ana with some warm sunny days and cold nights on tap through Tuesday. Look for daytime air temps in the mid-70s through Tuesday with nighttime temps in the mid to high 40s along the coast. Much cooler temps for the end of next week for that Friday swell.  Of course with Santa Anas we’re looking at offshore breezes out of the NE through Tuesday as well before turning SW for the end of the weekend.  Mostly sunny through Monday and then some clouds moving in with a little system.  Water in the high 50s/low 60s.  Hit the dawn patrol when it’s in the high 40s and the water feels like it’s 70!  Tides are screaming out through the day as it starts with a mega-high tide and drains out for great afternoon tidepooling in the mid-afternoon. 

Looks like some decent surf on its way.  Still not the HH/OH winter ball busters we’re all hoping for but it’s better than the flat we’ve had recently!

Stay wet San Diego!

Ocean Note:

1)      You HAVE to watch the finals of the Billabong Pro at Pipeline  on Saturday…Slater vs Fanning for the Title!  It’s all on the line and the surf’s gonna be pumping!!!

2)  Oh, and just in time for Xmas...some one on your list would love this Steve Walden 6'10" mini-gun single fin!  Excellent condition and great for pulling in and driving through those barrels!  Ping me at if you're interested.  Asking $350 OBO. 

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with December 13, 2013.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
F   13     High   6:09 AM     5.8   6:43 AM     Set  3:18 AM      81
    13      Low   1:11 PM    -0.2   4:44 PM    Rise  2:23 PM
    13     High   7:30 PM     3.7
Sa  14      Low  12:21 AM     1.7   6:44 AM     Set  4:14 AM      88
    14     High   6:45 AM     5.9   4:44 PM    Rise  3:04 PM
    14      Low   1:49 PM    -0.5
    14     High   8:13 PM     3.7
Su  15      Low   1:00 AM     1.8   6:45 AM     Set  5:09 AM      94
    15     High   7:19 AM     6.0   4:44 PM    Rise  3:49 PM
    15      Low   2:22 PM    -0.7
    15     High   8:49 PM     3.8
M   16      Low   1:35 AM     1.9   6:45 AM     Set  6:00 AM      97
    16     High   7:52 AM     6.0   4:45 PM    Rise  4:36 PM
    16      Low   2:54 PM    -0.7
    16     High   9:23 PM     3.8
Tu  17      Low   2:09 AM     2.0   6:46 AM     Set  6:49 AM      99
    17     High   8:23 AM     5.9   4:45 PM    Rise  5:26 PM
    17      Low   3:25 PM    -0.7
    17     High   9:56 PM     3.8

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A little chilly surf!

Salutations!  A new NW wind swell is on its way in with some waist/chest high surf along the coast for Monday morning.  The not-so-good news is that we’re looking at some NW winds to kick up as well and a blustery day will make mincemeat out of whatever swell there is.  Tuesday the swell backs off rather quickly with waist high to start the day and ankle/knee high to end the day.  Wednesday is looking up for some new waist high surf out of the NW that should stick around all day and half way through Thursday.  The second half of Thursday things taper off and Friday we’re back into the really small stuff with knee high surf and interestingly some background SW swell…yes, SOUTHWEST swell. The better summer beaches will really only see an occasional waist high set out of it but we’ll take anything at this point eh? Saturday we’ll see some SW in the morning but for the most part we’re looking at NW wind swell in the knee high range that will move on into Sunday.  The tail end of Sunday should see some new NW groundswell making its way onto our shores.  At this point it’s looking like waist high waves at best but we’ll have to re-evaluate in a few days. 

Weather wise we’re looking at some pretty chilly weather with the dawn and sunset patrols taking a beating!  Brutally chilly air temps in the mid to low 40s a night and east winds overnight make for insanely cold dawn patrols this week.  Daytime temps along the coast only make it up into the low 60s. Skies will be clear so at least we’ll see sunshine all week.  Monday will have some significant west winds with gusts up to 25mph.  Through the week middays it looks like we’ll have some moderate westerly winds.  Water temps are consistently in the low 60s which will feel warm compared to the brisk morning and evening air.  Tides are fairly flat for most of the day with a medium low first thing in the morning moving to a medium high just after midday/mid-afternoon before moving out to a pretty low tide a few hours after nightfall.

Tough call on the surf with a little bit to work with and some chilly winter air temps. Best bring some rubber to the beach this week!

Stay wet San Diego!

Ocean Notes:
1)      I don’t know about you but I NEVER get tired of seeing perfect…or near perfect Pipeline even if there are 70 guys out. 

2)    Star Trek meets Foodieville.  A group in Barcelona is working on a 3D printer that prints…yes, “fresh” food.  Beam me…and my pizza…up Scotty!

3)    Stick this one on your calendar…December 18th is the Surfrider Volunteer Appreciation Party Stone Brew in Liberty Station.  Want to thank Surfrider’s Volunteers for your clean water and clean beaches?  Hit up the holiday party and get some beverages, tasty treats and live homegrown music!

4)    Tired if flat surf?  Head to the mountains to keep those legs in shape!  Mammoth has 12-16” of freshies to give them a nice 25-30” base!  Get carving San Diego!  For current conditions click here.

5)    And just in case you didn’t know…tulips aren’t the only thing going on in Holland !  How about some mega-cold waves!  Ok, so maybe December in Lake Michigan might be better than Holland but who knew?

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with December 8, 2013.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
Su   8     High   1:48 AM     4.3   6:40 AM    Rise 11:18 AM      30
     8      Low   7:18 AM     2.3   4:43 PM     Set 11:20 PM
     8     High   1:06 PM     4.4
     8      Low   7:54 PM     0.3
M    9     High   2:53 AM     4.6   6:40 AM    Rise 11:55 AM      41
     9      Low   8:55 AM     2.0   4:43 PM
     9     High   2:34 PM     3.9
     9      Low   8:55 PM     0.7
Tu  10     High   3:52 AM     4.9   6:41 AM     Set 12:22 AM      52
    10      Low  10:25 AM     1.5   4:43 PM    Rise 12:31 PM
    10     High   4:07 PM     3.6
    10      Low   9:55 PM     1.1
W   11     High   4:44 AM     5.2   6:42 AM     Set  1:22 AM      63
    11      Low  11:35 AM     0.9   4:43 PM    Rise  1:07 PM
    11     High   5:31 PM     3.5
    11      Low  10:50 PM     1.4
Th  12     High   5:29 AM     5.5   6:43 AM     Set  2:21 AM      72
    12      Low  12:28 PM     0.3   4:44 PM    Rise  1:44 PM
    12     High   6:37 PM     3.6
    12      Low  11:38 PM     1.6

Monday, December 2, 2013

It's going to get small and really cold!

Happy December all!  Hope you were all able to enjoy the few days of sizable surf we had in So Cal over the holidays.  I was in NorCal and it was thumping and clean up there!  Things have backed off today and are looking to stay fairly small, cold and a bit windy for the next few days.  Tuesday is looking at waist high surf with chest high set at the start of the day with smaller surf throughout the day. Wednesday is looking at less swell and pretty wind blown conditions throughout the day so not favorable conditions at all.  Thursday is seeing the tail end of waist high wind swell created on Wed and Friday backs down further to knee/thigh high surf.  Really small Saturday with ankle high surf to kick off the day.  Interestingly we might see some seriously late season S swell combine with NW wind swell to kick things up into the knee/waist high range.  Possibly some NW shorter period groundswell for the start of next week but the high pressure system that been sitting in the North Pacific could just squeeze the life outta that one. Will keep you posted.

Weather is the big news maker as we’re about to go into a big cold spell…cold by So Cal standards anyway.  We’re looking at highs in the low 60s and high 50s for most of the week.  South east winds tonight with S winds Tues while onshore west winds (and a slight chance of showers) will move in Tuesday night and blow through Wed night.  Gustiest winds will be Tuesday night and into Wed…20-30mph.  Cloudy and cold Thursday, sunny but cold Friday and clouds moving back in Fri night for another chance of showers over the weekend.  Nighttime temps will take a dip too so bring your jacket and UGGs to the beach if you’re going to hit the dawn patrol or sunset sessions!  Water temps is actually be best news around with low 60s still gracing out beaches.  Some big tide swings right now which could make or break your session.  Astronomical high tides in the early morning will slow down all breaks and the tides will drain out all day until the late afternoon.  Great tides for tide pooling if it’s too windy and small for you.   

Looks like Tuesday morning is the best bet for surf over the next week if you can find a spot to deal with the mega-high tide or get it uber early! 

Stay wet San Diego!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with December 3, 2013.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
Tu   3      Low   2:07 AM     1.6   6:36 AM    Rise  7:11 AM      0
     3     High   8:30 AM     6.8   4:42 PM     Set  5:50 PM
     3      Low   3:32 PM    -1.6
     3     High   9:59 PM     4.1
W    4      Low   2:53 AM     1.7   6:37 AM    Rise  8:11 AM      1
     4     High   9:14 AM     6.7   4:42 PM     Set  6:55 PM
     4      Low   4:19 PM    -1.5
     4     High  10:50 PM     4.1
Th   5      Low   3:43 AM     1.8   6:37 AM    Rise  9:05 AM      4
     5     High  10:02 AM     6.3   4:42 PM     Set  8:03 PM
     5      Low   5:08 PM    -1.2
     5     High  11:45 PM     4.1
F    6      Low   4:41 AM     2.0   6:38 AM    Rise  9:54 AM      11
     6     High  10:54 AM     5.8   4:43 PM     Set  9:11 PM
     6      Low   6:00 PM    -0.8
Sa   7     High  12:45 AM     4.1   6:39 AM    Rise 10:38 AM      20
     7      Low   5:52 AM     2.2   4:43 PM     Set 10:17 PM
     7     High  11:54 AM     5.2
     7      Low   6:55 PM    -0.3