Sunday, June 29, 2014 NW for Monday

Yikes…lost track of time and well, just been crazy busy like the rest of you!  Just a quickie tonight and a full forecast tomorrow night!  New short period WNW swell on the rise for Monday. It’s a little better than windswell but not quite groundswell.  There’s some background SW swell as well so surf should pick up around all of SD County.  Look for fairly consistent waist/chest high surf to kick off the day and maybe the occasional shoulder high wave at the better winter/north facing breaks.  South facing breaks will also see inconsistent SW swell in the waist/chest high range.  That just a short swell so it peaks tomorrow night and then backs down Tuesday to waist with the occasional chest high set.  Wed is smaller with left over SW and some NW windswell but things are looking up for the end of the week and especially the long holiday weekend!

The good news is that the weather is improving as well!  Just in time for the holiday week/weekend we’re looking at cloudy mornings with clearing midday and air temps in the low 70s along the coast. Looks like things should heat up for the holiday weekend though…sunshine and clear skies for the fireworks!  Great water temps…don’t forget that stingray shuffle!  Super low tide for the dawn patrol and a nice medium high midday before falling to a medium low by late evening.

More details on the surf and weather forecast tomorrow!

Stay wet So Cal!


Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with June 30, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
M   30      Low   5:53 AM    -0.2   5:44 AM    Rise  8:50 AM      5
    30     High  12:31 PM     3.9   8:01 PM     Set 10:09 PM
    30      Low   5:30 PM     2.2
    30     High  11:30 PM     5.0
Tu   1      Low   6:26 AM     0.1   5:44 AM    Rise  9:43 AM      10
     1     High   1:09 PM     3.9   8:01 PM     Set 10:43 PM
     1      Low   6:15 PM     2.4
W    2     High  12:06 AM     4.6   5:45 AM    Rise 10:36 AM      17
     2      Low   7:00 AM     0.5   8:01 PM     Set 11:15 PM
     2     High   1:51 PM     4.0
     2      Low   7:11 PM     2.5
Th   3     High  12:48 AM     4.1   5:45 AM    Rise 11:29 AM      25
     3      Low   7:36 AM     0.9   8:01 PM     Set 11:47 PM
     3     High   2:37 PM     4.0
     3      Low   8:24 PM     2.5
F    4     High   1:43 AM     3.6   5:46 AM    Rise 12:23 PM      34
     4      Low   8:17 AM     1.2   8:01 PM
     4     High   3:27 PM     4.2
     4      Low   9:50 PM     2.2

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Southern Hemi is sending a little love

Yo ho Yo ho!  Goodness it’s been a slow summer but it looks like the Southern Hemi is waking up and throwing some swell our way.  We’re looking at some smaller waist/chest high steeper SW for Friday at the summer spots.  There’s some WNW windswell on top of that so the most beaches should also see some consistent waves in the waist high range.  Saturday is about the same with a little less S but a hair more WNW windswell.  Sunday is when we start to see the first of three south swells.  Sunday AM will start to see some inconsistent sets in the waist/chest range out of the SW with still some remaining WNW windswell.  By the afternoon we should see more size out of the SW…more chest than waist high.  Kicking off the week we’ll see chest high surf from the second S swell.  This swell is a bit more steep but the energy should give us a nice little burst of energy and more surf in the chest/shoulder range for Monday.   

Late Monday and early Tuesday is when we will see the third and most organized of the three swells.  Energy peaks midday but we should see some solid shoulder/HH surf at the better south facing summer spots in SD.  Lots of steepness on this swell so spots north of SD will see much more surf. Dana Pt. and north will see waves in the HH/OH range.  Wed the surf will back off but there should still be plenty of fun waves in the chest/shoulder range and down further for Thursday into the waist/chest range.  Friday is looking smaller again with more WNW windswell back in the picture but it does look like there should be more swell coming towards the end of next weekend.

Weather is looking pretty stable and nice with no crazy weather in the forecast. We’ll see more morning and evening patchy fog with midday sunshine and air temps in the mid-70s. Winds will be calm in the early AM and late PM with some W and SW winds kicking up a bit in the afternoon. Water temps are feeling great…low 70s around most of SD.  Tides are medium high super early morning and then low in the mid-morning and pushing high in the late evening into sunset.   

Looks like another gorgeous So Cal weekend with some fun surf thrown in there and some much needed energy and SW groundswell on tap for next week!

Stay wet So Cal!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with June 20, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
F   20     High   4:12 AM     3.6   5:41 AM    Rise  1:05 AM      49
    20      Low  10:14 AM     0.9   8:00 PM     Set  1:56 PM
    20     High   5:07 PM     5.2
    20      Low  11:53 PM     1.1
Sa  21     High   5:43 AM     3.4   5:41 AM    Rise  1:42 AM      38
    21      Low  11:13 AM     1.3   8:00 PM     Set  2:56 PM
    21     High   5:59 PM     5.4
Su  22      Low  12:58 AM     0.5   5:41 AM    Rise  2:21 AM      28
    22     High   7:02 AM     3.4   8:01 PM     Set  3:56 PM
    22      Low  12:08 PM     1.6
    22     High   6:45 PM     5.7
M   23      Low   1:50 AM     0.0   5:42 AM    Rise  3:02 AM      19
    23     High   8:05 AM     3.5   8:01 PM     Set  4:54 PM
    23      Low  12:58 PM     1.7
    23     High   7:27 PM     5.9
Tu  24      Low   2:33 AM    -0.4   5:42 AM    Rise  3:46 AM      11
    24     High   8:55 AM     3.7   8:01 PM     Set  5:49 PM
    24      Low   1:43 PM     1.8
    24     High   8:06 PM     6.0

Friday, June 13, 2014

First hurricane swell and smaller SW

Aloha all!  Looking at some fun and fairly inconsistent SW swell along the coast this Friday.  It’s the tail end of this swell with some waist/chest high surf around most of town with some slightly bigger sets in the shoulder high range around northern SD County.  Swell energy drops off on Sat morning but there’s some new but steep SW that might be seen at the better summer spots.  The good news is that we’re seeing our first tropical storm swell, Cristina, too!  She’s staying fairly south and close to the tip of Baja but we might see some of her energy before she heads west and out of our swell window.  Look for more waist/chest high waves with some super steep hurricane swell at the best summer spots later in the day.  Sunday is looking smaller as we see mostly the tail end of that SW swell, not much more hurricane swell and more thigh/waist high NW windswell.  Monday is looking at WNW windswell, and we’ll start Tuesday off with much of the same in the knee high range.  Surf is the smallest Wed morning with knee high surf.  A new SW groundswell should be filling in during the latest part of the day.  The swell isn’t really aimed directly at our swell window so we’re only looking at waist high waves from this one.  Inconsistent waist high waves for Thursday and into Friday.  The long term forecast is kind of grim for awhile. There’s a nice sized storm forecasted to come off the ice shelf in about 5 days but that needs time to get to us so we’re not seeing any significant SW groundswell for awhile.   

The good news is that the water’s warming up and is sitting in the high 60s along all of SD coastline.  We’ll see some sunshine but it’ll be mixed with a fair amount of clouds through the weekend and into next week.  Air temps only hitting the high 60s/low 70s along the coast.  Winds will be calm in the mornings and evenings with light to moderate west winds midday.  Friday is also the full moon (Yes, Friday the 13th is a Full Moon!) so we’re seeing some extremely low tides in the mornings for the dawn patrol, up to a medium high late morning and then back down to a medium low for the late afternoon before racing up to a very high tide a few hours after sunset.  Looks like the late morning medium high tide push and the mid-afternoon sessions might be the best times to surf.

Enjoy the beach as we roll into summertime! 

Stay wet So Cal!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with June 13, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
F   13      Low   4:15 AM    -1.5   5:40 AM     Set  6:20 AM      99
    13     High  10:41 AM     4.0   7:58 PM    Rise  8:38 PM
    13      Low   3:36 PM     1.6
    13     High   9:57 PM     6.5
Sa  14      Low   4:59 AM    -1.5   5:40 AM     Set  7:24 AM      99
    14     High  11:28 AM     4.1   7:58 PM    Rise  9:32 PM
    14      Low   4:25 PM     1.6
    14     High  10:42 PM     6.3
Su  15      Low   5:45 AM    -1.4   5:40 AM     Set  8:31 AM      95
    15     High  12:18 PM     4.1   7:59 PM    Rise 10:22 PM
    15      Low   5:19 PM     1.8
    15     High  11:31 PM     6.0
M   16      Low   6:33 AM    -1.1   5:40 AM     Set  9:39 AM      89
    16     High   1:12 PM     4.2   7:59 PM    Rise 11:07 PM
    16      Low   6:20 PM     1.9
Tu  17     High  12:26 AM     5.4   5:41 AM     Set 10:46 AM      81
    17      Low   7:23 AM    -0.6   7:59 PM    Rise 11:48 PM
    17     High   2:09 PM     4.3
    17      Low   7:34 PM     2.0

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More smallish SW on the way!

Hola compadres!  Que paso?  Getting back into the groove of things and it looks like we’ve got some combo SW groundswell filling in with some lumpy NW windswell on top of it.  For Thursday the summer spots will definitely see more of these south swells with waist high waves along most of the SD coastline and some chest high waves at the better summer spots in N. County.   Swell peaks early Friday and then we’ll just have some small NW windswell in the knee/waist high range for the weekend.  Saturday looks like waist high from the south and knee high from the NW.  Sunday sees less SW and knee high windswell.  Late Sunday and super early Monday is when it looks like another long period SW groundswell will start to arrive.  This swell isn’t exactly aimed at us so we’re not getting the direct energy that Mexico will be getting but it’s still surfable!  Look for the occasional waist high set to kick off the work week.  By nightfall we should see a bit more of that SW.  Again, summer spots will catch more of the swell.  Tuesday sees more consistent SW in the waist/chest high range.  This lasts thru Wed morning with things tapering off ever so slowly through the day but still some fun waist/chest high waves.  Looks like another SW groundswell should be close on the heels of that last one.  We’ll check the models in a few days and see what’s up.

Weather wise we’re looking at pretty pleasant conditions with mild air temps in the low 70s along the coast, clear skies and light afternoon winds out of the W/NW by the afternoon.  Overnight clouds but clearing by daybreak.  Medium low tide mid-morning with a high tide push in the late afternoon.  Water temps are especially nice in the high 60s and trying to get into that low 70 degree range…it’s still early! 

Looks like small but surfable and fun surf…something to ride each day but you might need a log or SUP on the higher tides.

Stay wet So Cal!

 Vacationing in the mangrove with prehistoric fish!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with June 5, 2014.

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
Th   5     High   2:40 AM     3.5   5:41 AM     Set 12:41 AM      40
     5      Low   9:31 AM     1.1   7:55 PM    Rise 12:44 PM
     5     High   4:45 PM     4.0
     5      Low  10:51 PM     2.3
F    6     High   4:07 AM     3.2   5:41 AM     Set  1:14 AM      49
     6      Low  10:23 AM     1.3   7:55 PM    Rise  1:38 PM
     6     High   5:27 PM     4.3
     6      Low  11:57 PM     1.7
Sa   7     High   5:29 AM     3.2   5:40 AM     Set  1:47 AM      59
     7      Low  11:13 AM     1.4   7:56 PM    Rise  2:34 PM
     7     High   6:05 PM     4.7
Su   8      Low  12:48 AM     1.2   5:40 AM     Set  2:22 AM      69
     8     High   6:37 AM     3.3   7:56 PM    Rise  3:32 PM
     8      Low  12:00 PM     1.5
     8     High   6:41 PM     5.2
M    9      Low   1:31 AM     0.5   5:40 AM     Set  2:59 AM      78
     9     High   7:34 AM     3.4   7:56 PM    Rise  4:32 PM
     9      Low  12:43 PM     1.6
     9     High   7:17 PM     5.6