Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Come back surf forecast!

Alooooooooooooooooooooooha!  Ok, so I took a little longer maternity leave than I had anticipated.  Two and a half years isn’t too bad, is it?  I was recently inspired to get back online and start doing the surf report again. It also helps that I’m back in the water on a more regular basis. Anyway, let’s get back to work and look at the next week of surf.

We saw some fading WNW swell with some new WNW filling in.  Surf in the chest to shoulder range at most west and north facing beaches with the occasional head high set rolling through the lineup.  Tuesday thru Thursday, we should see size and energy level fade a little with waves in the waist to chest range with some shoulder high sets. Friday is when our next real swell shows up.  Waves are waist high range in the morning and the new WNW starts to fill in midday with waves bumping up into the chest/shoulder range for the afternoon sessions.  Looks like head high waves overnight and into Saturday morning.  The swell peaks late morning and fades slowly back into the chest/shoulder range through the day.  Luckily, another quick WNW fills in Sunday, so we’ll see more shoulder plus waves for the first half of the day.  Swell fades in the afternoon and waves settle back into the waist high range by Monday.  The long range models look like there’s another good NW heading our way.  Looks like Tuesday we should see that one shows up but I’ll keep you posted.

Weather is looking like it should cooperate. We’ll see clear sunny skies for the next week. Air temps in the mid to high-70s along the coast and light SE and offshore winds thru Wed. Tuesday night it looks like winds might get a little breezy out of the SE overnight. That could put some bump on the water for Wed morning.  Winds calm down through the morning but then turn northerly thru the rest of the day.  Wed night the winds turn onshore and flip flop from on and offshore through the weekend. Most of it will be light breezes with no major winds to mess things up.  Water temps are still balmy and in the mid to low 60s. A few more of these northerly swells should cool things down so enjoy it while you can.  

Nice to be back in the water more consistently and back online!

Stay wet San Diego!

P.S. This report is dedicated to Amber. Thanks for the kick in the pants!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with December 12, 2017.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible

Tu  12     High   5:21 AM     5.2   6:43 AM    Rise  1:32 AM      34
    12      Low  11:55 AM     1.0   4:44 PM     Set  1:37 PM
    12     High   5:45 PM     3.7
    12      Low  11:20 PM     1.2

W   13     High   5:58 AM     5.4   6:43 AM    Rise  2:28 AM      25
    13      Low  12:42 PM     0.5   4:44 PM     Set  2:11 PM
    13     High   6:43 PM     3.7

Th  14      Low  12:01 AM     1.4   6:44 AM    Rise  3:24 AM      17
    14     High   6:31 AM     5.6   4:44 PM     Set  2:45 PM
    14      Low   1:21 PM     0.0
    14     High   7:31 PM     3.8

F   15      Low  12:37 AM     1.6   6:45 AM    Rise  4:19 AM      10
    15     High   7:02 AM     5.7   4:44 PM     Set  3:22 PM
    15      Low   1:55 PM    -0.3
    15     High   8:11 PM     3.8

Sa  16      Low   1:10 AM     1.7   6:45 AM    Rise  5:13 AM      5
    16     High   7:31 AM     5.8   4:45 PM     Set  4:01 PM
    16      Low   2:27 PM    -0.5
    16     High   8:48 PM     3.8

Su  17      Low   1:41 AM     1.8   6:46 AM    Rise  6:05 AM      1
    17     High   8:00 AM     5.8   4:45 PM     Set  4:42 PM
    17      Low   2:58 PM    -0.6
    17     High   9:22 PM     3.8

M   18      Low   2:12 AM     1.9   6:46 AM    Rise  6:57 AM      0
    18     High   8:29 AM     5.8   4:46 PM     Set  5:28 PM
    18      Low   3:30 PM    -0.6
    18     High   9:57 PM     3.7

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Surf blog maternity leave...

Aloha all!  Well, as you can tell I've been a little absent as of late.  Life is dealing me with a few new cards and I'm going to be a bit inconsistent for awhile.  For the next month or so I'll be mostly absent with a quick update here or there...but having a baby just takes up so much time!  :-) 

I'll try to get back on track as soon as possible!  Looks like more surf filling in this evening with fun WNW surf for a day or so.  Then a combo of WNW and SW for chest to shoulder high surf for the next 5-7 days.  Weather looks pretty nice with even a day or so of Santa Anas with this next swell.  Water seems to have cooled a degree or two but otherwise it's pretty darn nice for spring surf!

Gotta run but thanks for sticking around and I hope everyone gets to enjoy the ocean every day or at least a few times a week!

Stay wet So Cal!!!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

More WNW...and SW combo for the weekend!

Super quickie…super fun surf continues in the chest/shoulder range out of the WNW.  Shorter period groundswell but that means good consistency with a little less punch.  Surf Thurs and Fri then tapering off Sat with new small SW swell moving in early Sun to mix with the WNW swell.  Size in the waist/chest range for this swell. The south holds thru Wed as the WNW backs off.  There looks to be more activity in the southern hemisphere to throw more fun groundswell our way. About a week or so out.  The combo of swells is good news so all beaches get a little love and more surf for everyone!

Weather wise we’re looking at high 60s for Thursday and then a significant warm up for Friday and Saturday with low 80s/high 70s then cooling off again to the high 60s for Easter Sunday and cooler for the start of the week.  We’ll see some springtime winds for Thursday…and then those Santa Ana offshores kick in Fri and Sat before returning to our normal cooler onshores for the end of the weekend and into the work week.  Expect some clouds and then clearing for the weekend with a few more clouds for the first half of the week.  Tides are extreme so they’ll make a difference in the quality of your session.  Water’s nice…mid-60s and it’s April 1st!  That’s no joke!

Gotta run but hope everyone has a Happy Easter!  Enjoy the fun surf, family and friends!  And don’t forget to pick up a piece of garbage after your surf session!

Stay wet So Cal!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with April 1, 2015.

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
W    1      Low   2:20 AM     0.9   6:37 AM     Set  5:02 AM      88
     1     High   8:23 AM     4.6   7:09 PM    Rise  4:59 PM
     1      Low   2:37 PM     0.1
     1     High   8:55 PM     4.6
Th   2      Low   2:51 AM     0.6   6:36 AM     Set  5:35 AM      93
     2     High   8:55 AM     4.7   7:10 PM    Rise  5:52 PM
     2      Low   3:01 PM     0.2
     2     High   9:17 PM     4.8
F    3      Low   3:21 AM     0.3   6:34 AM     Set  6:07 AM      97
     3     High   9:27 AM     4.6   7:10 PM    Rise  6:45 PM
     3      Low   3:25 PM     0.3
     3     High   9:40 PM     5.0
Sa   4      Low   3:52 AM     0.1   6:33 AM     Set  6:41 AM      99
     4     High  10:00 AM     4.5   7:11 PM    Rise  7:38 PM
     4      Low   3:50 PM     0.5
     4     High  10:05 PM     5.1
Su   5      Low   4:24 AM     0.0   6:32 AM     Set  7:15 AM      99
     5     High  10:33 AM     4.2   7:12 PM    Rise  8:33 PM
     5      Low   4:14 PM     0.8
     5     High  10:30 PM     5.1

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Plenty of SW and NW on the way!!!

Got wax?  Cause you’re gonna need it for the upcoming week of combo swell!  We’re already looking at rising long-period SW swell on the buoys right now.  The whole next week will be a combo of both SW groundswell from what was Tropical Cyclone Pam that wiped Vanuatu off the map in the South Pacific and some smaller and shorter period WNW swell.  Size is on the rise Friday with more of the WNW swell showing but very inconsistent SW filling in throughout the day. Waves start in the waist/chest high range and fairly consistent out of the WNW at west and north facing beaches.  Saturday in San Diego will see much more south with increasing consistency. Look for chest/shoulder high waves at the better summer breaks and chest high at the west and north facing spots.  OC and LA will see less of the WNW and more pure S swell.  Similar story for Sunday but with even better consistency at the south facing spots.  Monday sees a bit of bump up for the south facing spots as the swell peaks all day.  I’ll call HH and HH+ for the best summer spots in SD, OC and LA.  Tues still sees plenty of SW with a bit more new NW. Waves still in the shoulder /HH range for south spots, and chest/shoulder for the west/north breaks.  Wednesday the S is backing off so more of the WNW in the chest/shoulder range in SD and a more severe drop off in size for OC/LA with chest high surf.  Looks like more S on the way with a few smaller spurts of WNW in there still.  Fun week of summer surf to kick off April!

Weather is not typical of our Springtime!  We’ll see another day of heat and sunshine with mild onshore winds by midday.  Air temps in the high 70s along the coast tapering off a little into the mid-70s through the weekend and then back up again for the first part of next week.  Expect to see some dense fog in the early morning and late evening hours starting Friday night and thru the weekend.  Not expecting our usual springtime winds so the surf conditions should be pretty spectacular…if you like glassy sunny waves!  Water temps are already incredibly high with buoy readings in the mid-60s and will most likely go up as the SW swell pushes more hot water north.  We’ve got decent tidal movement this weekend with mid/late-morning medium lows pushing up to medium high tides for the early evening hours.

Looks like a great week of surf and weather!  Please remember we are in a drought so do you part to conserve water! 

Stay wet So Cal!
Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with March 26, 2015.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
Th  26     High   2:15 AM     4.5   6:45 AM     Set 12:57 AM      35
    26      Low   9:44 AM     0.5   7:05 PM    Rise 11:42 AM
    26     High   4:55 PM     3.0
    26      Low   9:17 PM     2.5
F   27     High   3:38 AM     4.1   6:44 AM     Set  1:48 AM      45
    27      Low  11:14 AM     0.5   7:05 PM    Rise 12:35 PM
    27     High   6:28 PM     3.3
    27      Low  11:06 PM     2.4
Sa  28     High   5:06 AM     4.1   6:42 AM     Set  2:34 AM      55
    28      Low  12:21 PM     0.3   7:06 PM    Rise  1:28 PM
    28     High   7:16 PM     3.6
Su  29      Low  12:22 AM     2.1   6:41 AM     Set  3:15 AM      64
    29     High   6:15 AM     4.2   7:07 PM    Rise  2:21 PM
    29      Low   1:08 PM     0.2
    29     High   7:47 PM     3.9
M   30      Low   1:11 AM     1.6   6:40 AM     Set  3:53 AM      73
    30     High   7:07 AM     4.4   7:07 PM    Rise  3:14 PM
    30      Low   1:43 PM     0.1
    30     High   8:12 PM     4.1