Thursday, April 24, 2014

A touch of winter before a week of summer!

Well, it looks like Mother Nature is pulling a fast one on us.  We’re seeing the tail end of some short-period groundswell.  Friday we’ll see more waves in the waist high range with some chest high sets.  Towards evening we’re may see some very long period SW swell.  Size and consistency should increase into Saturday but unfortunately SW winds and possible some showers will accompany the swell.  Saturday we should see messy waist/chest high waves first thing in the morning with size bumping up to the shoulder/HH range.  This swell has a bit of SW swell angle on it so the juiciest part of the swell will fly by San Diego while OC and LA sees some HH/OH+ waves.  Conditions will be pretty messy all day so I’m assuming conditions will not favor clean waves.  Sunday that SW swell turns into messy WNW windswell.  There will be size with waves in the chest/shoulder range with the background SW swell.  The combo swell will continue into Monday as both taper off.  Still some chest/shoulder high surf to kick off the day backing down to waist/chest later in the day and into Tuesday.  Size holds with waist/chest through the day and into Tuesday when we see a new but smaller SW swell.  The better summer beaches should see some waist/chest high surf with shoulder high sets.  Wednesday sees a little smaller surf but then surf backs down in size Thursday with a new small SW swell filling in Friday.

Weather is going to be taking a bit of a turn Friday.  Our sunshine and mild air temps are going to get cloudy (potentially wet) and chilly.  Friday day temps are in the mid-60s and more clouds with showers in the late evening and into the wee hours of the morning.  Winds pick up out of the south by midnight with gusty winds peaking during Saturday's dawn patrol.  Winds decrease slowly through the day but still remain fairly gusty until nightfall.  NE and SE winds and clear skies for Sunday and then we’re back to sunshine and a little warm up Monday.  Air temps into the mid/low 60s for the weekend and then up into the high 60s for Monday and high 70s for most of the week.  Water temps are creeping up slowly and sit in the low 60s.  We’re seeing a medium high tide in the early morning going out to a low in the early afternoon and then back up again to a high just after sunset.

Looks like big messy surf to kick off the weekend with a week of nice sunny combo surf for next week.

Happy Friday!  Stay wet SoCal!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with April 25, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible

F   25      Low   1:09 AM     0.8   6:08 AM    Rise  3:46 AM      22
    25     High   7:10 AM     4.5   7:26 PM     Set  4:05 PM
    25      Low   1:16 PM     0.0
    25     High   7:42 PM     5.2

Sa  26      Low   1:57 AM     0.1   6:07 AM    Rise  4:24 AM      13
    26     High   8:03 AM     4.6   7:27 PM     Set  5:08 PM
    26      Low   1:56 PM     0.1
    26     High   8:17 PM     5.6

Su  27      Low   2:42 AM    -0.4   6:05 AM    Rise  5:03 AM      7
    27     High   8:52 AM     4.6   7:28 PM     Set  6:11 PM
    27      Low   2:34 PM     0.4
    27     High   8:52 PM     5.9

M   28      Low   3:23 AM    -0.8   6:04 AM    Rise  5:43 AM      2
    28     High   9:38 AM     4.4   7:29 PM     Set  7:13 PM
    28      Low   3:09 PM     0.7
    28     High   9:25 PM     6.0

Tu  29      Low   4:04 AM    -0.9   6:03 AM    Rise  6:25 AM      0
    29     High  10:22 AM     4.2   7:29 PM     Set  8:13 PM
    29      Low   3:44 PM     1.0
    29     High   9:59 PM     5.9

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fun SW and NW on the way!

Happy Easter everyone!  Fun surf for most of the week with some background SW and new NW groundswell on tap to kick off the week on Monday.   Surf in the waist/chest range with some slightly larger sets at the south facing beaches and some fairly consistent waves at the west and north facing beaches.  Tuesday we’ll see slightly less surf out of the south as that swell backs off and a bit more of the NW shorter period groundswell. Surf still in the waist/chest range but just more NW than SW.  Wed we should see a new SW in the water as surf bumps up into the chest/shoulder range at the better summer spots.  There looks to be some SE winds Tues night too so there could be some nice offshore conditions for Wed morning.  Thursday there’s still waist/chest high surf in the water…mostly SW with some W wind swell in there.  Size tapers off for the afternoon sesh so hit it on the earlier side to get more size.  Friday things drop off to waist high around most of the county’s beaches.  Late Friday we should start to see the first arrivals from a new SW groundswell.  This looks to be a pretty decent groundswell too so by Saturday morning size should bump up to the chest/shoulder range but VERY inconsistent to start with early in the day.  We should some HH/OH surf by the end of the day especially at the better summer south facing spots and in OC/LA.  And by Sunday we’ll also see a new WNW groundswell move in giving our winter and west facing spots a little pick-me-up.  That SW swell peaks early in the morning but SW waves hold in size through the day.  The NW builds and moves us into the next work week with some fun combo surf.

We’re looking at springtime weather…combo of dense fog, some clearing but air temps in the mid-60s along the coast.  Winds look to pick up in the afternoon out of the west for Tuesday day but Tuesday night it looks like we should see some SE winds kick in. That could be good for some spots for Wed.  More S winds through the end of the week and then the usual light westerly winds by midday for the weekend. The sunniest day looks like Thursday with air temps trying to top 70.  We’ll see a slight cooling for the weekend with low to mid 60s.  Water temp is creaping up ever so slowly and is now in the high 50s/low 60s.  The tides are near zero mid-morning and then we see a medium high late afternoon before it drops slightly to the medium low.

Looks like some fun surf with some signs of summer showing with new SW groundswell!

Have fun and stay wet So Cal!

Ocean Notes:
Hobie Alter, one of the pioneers of not only surfing but boating too, passed on March 29th. If you don’t know a thing about him you should really read about his life. Here’s a great article from Surfline.

His paddleout was this past Saturday at Doheny State Beach 
and was clearly well attended.
Photo courtesy: OC Register

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with April 21, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
M   21     High   1:51 AM     4.6   6:12 AM    Rise 12:53 AM      66
    21      Low   9:23 AM     0.0   7:23 PM     Set 11:48 AM
    21     High   4:27 PM     3.4
    21      Low   9:15 PM     2.5
Tu  22     High   3:21 AM     4.3   6:11 AM    Rise  1:41 AM      55
    22      Low  10:37 AM     0.0   7:24 PM     Set 12:52 PM
    22     High   5:36 PM     3.8
    22      Low  10:57 PM     2.1
W   23     High   4:52 AM     4.3   6:10 AM    Rise  2:25 AM      44
    23      Low  11:40 AM     0.0   7:25 PM     Set  1:57 PM
    23     High   6:25 PM     4.3
Th  24      Low  12:11 AM     1.5   6:09 AM    Rise  3:07 AM      33
    24     High   6:07 AM     4.4   7:26 PM     Set  3:01 PM
    24      Low  12:31 PM     0.0
    24     High   7:05 PM     4.8
F   25      Low   1:09 AM     0.8   6:08 AM    Rise  3:46 AM      22
    25     High   7:10 AM     4.5   7:26 PM     Set  4:05 PM
    25      Low   1:16 PM     0.0
    25     High   7:42 PM     5.2

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Small surf...springtime conditions.

Surf is holding steady at…well, small.  Wednesday we’re looking at the leftovers of the steep south swell and some small NW windswell.   Surf at the better summer spots max out at in the waist high range while the west and north facing beaches will be in the knee/waist high range.  The south is still on the inconsistent side for another day and the NW is, well, just tiny with very little energy.  Thursday is about the same with a new smaller south swell in the waist high range and some background WNW.  Friday it looks like the smallest day with super small SW and WNW.  Saturday we’ve got some WNW and some new SW.  Surf looks to be in the waist high range but missing a lot of SD County.  This SW is also pretty steep so the better summer south facing spots will see the biggest waves.  Sunday the swell fills in with a some slightly bigger surf…waist/chest and slightly more consistent chest high sets.  The swell peaks late in the afternoon and Monday starts off with similar sized waves that will be tapering off through the day.  The west and north facing beaches will be pretty small…knee/waist high.  Tuesday will see a little more WNW windswell and the tail end of the old SW…waves in the knee/waist high range.  A new SW looks to fill in later in the day so hopefully we’ll see a bit more waves at the summer and west facing beaches.

The weather over the upcoming week is fairly typical for springtime.  We’ll see a little AM marine layer with a little clearing by midmorning and air temps in the mid-60s.  A bit more clearing for the weekend with similar air temps and a little warmer for the start of next week.  Winds out of the SW midday and fairly calm at night. Air temps are still a little on the cool side with high 50s along most of the coast.  Tides are low first thing in the morning and moving up to a medium high by late morning and then back down to a medium low by late afternoon.  We’re coming off the full moon (Did you catch the Blood Moon eclipse?...see below) but these spring tides aren’t too extreme.

Looks like some small surf…hopefully a little warmer water after some steep south swells push past us.

Stay wet So Cal!

 Blood Moon Eclipse 4-14-2014

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with April 16, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
W   16      Low   4:36 AM    -0.6   6:18 AM     Set  7:12 AM      99
    16     High  10:50 AM     4.1   7:20 PM    Rise  9:04 PM
    16      Low   4:13 PM     1.1
    16     High  10:31 PM     5.6
Th  17      Low   5:18 AM    -0.6   6:17 AM     Set  7:58 AM      97
    17     High  11:36 AM     3.9   7:21 PM    Rise 10:05 PM
    17      Low   4:45 PM     1.4
    17     High  11:07 PM     5.5
F   18      Low   6:05 AM    -0.5   6:15 AM     Set  8:49 AM      92
    18     High  12:29 PM     3.5   7:21 PM    Rise 11:04 PM
    18      Low   5:22 PM     1.7
    18     High  11:48 PM     5.3
Sa  19      Low   7:01 AM    -0.3   6:14 AM     Set  9:45 AM      85
    19     High   1:36 PM     3.2   7:22 PM
    19      Low   6:10 PM     2.1
Su  20     High  12:40 AM     5.0   6:13 AM    Rise 12:00 AM      77
    20      Low   8:08 AM    -0.1   7:23 PM     Set 10:45 AM
    20     High   2:59 PM     3.1
    20      Low   7:25 PM     2.4

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More sunshine and southern hemi!

Hellooooooooooooo So Cal!  Well, the southern hemi is certainly waking up and these days we’re seeing a mix of NW and SW for at least another half day.  The combo is tapering off Wednesday in the waist high range out of the NW and knee high from the southern direction.  Thursday we’re looking at just the leftovers of NW in the knee/waist high range.  Friday we’ll see some new SW as some longer period groundswell fills in midday.  Waves will pick up into the waist high range with some chest high sets at the better summer breaks.  Swell builds slightly through the night and peaks Saturday late morning with slightly more consistent waist/chest high surf.  Things drop off for Sunday with waist high again with a little W wind swell on top of it. 

It backs down further for Monday morning as the day starts off in the knee/waist high range but a new steep SW groundswell will fill in through the day. This one looks fairly steep so the best spots in San Diego and North County might pick up some strays but it’ll hit much better farther up north in OC and LA.  It’ll be super inconsistent as the swell period will be pretty long so be patient.  The good news for San Diego is that there will be some NW groundswell filling in on top of that so they’ll still have some fun waves.  Wave size bumps up to waist/chest by the afternoon and some shoulder high sets especially in the northern end of SD County and farther north.  Waist/chest high out of the NW for the winter breaks in SD.  Tuesday will be more consistent out of the south with a slight increase in wave height…waist high in SD and chest/shoulder in OC/LA.  Size picks up Wed with the combo of swells and it looks like there’s more activity in the southern hemi so I think we’ll see more activity at our summer beaches in the weeks to come!

Weather has been incredible the last few days.  We’re looking at another day of hot sunny skies on Wed with just slightly cooler air temps. That Santa Ana condition will turn around after Tuesday night’s offshores and the west winds will kick into gear Wed morning.  Look for a cooling trend through the weekend. Mid-70s for Wed thru Fri and mid-60s for the weekend.  Winds are mild to moderate out of the west in the afternoons thru the end of the work week and then turn out of the WSW for the weekend with that cooling trend.  Water temps have really taken a dive with some mid to high 50s around town.  BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  Tides are medium high in the early morning for the dawn patrol and dropping out to a low in the early afternoon and another medium high tide push at sunset.

That’s all she wrote folks!  Enjoy the sunshine and don’t forget to stay wet!


Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with April 9, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
W    9      Low  12:25 AM     2.1   6:26 AM     Set  3:02 AM      64
     9     High   6:10 AM     4.0   7:15 PM    Rise  2:23 PM
     9      Low  12:52 PM     0.5
     9     High   7:30 PM     4.0
Th  10      Low   1:07 AM     1.6   6:25 AM     Set  3:37 AM      72
    10     High   6:59 AM     4.1   7:16 PM    Rise  3:17 PM
    10      Low   1:23 PM     0.4
    10     High   7:51 PM     4.2
F   11      Low   1:42 AM     1.2   6:24 AM     Set  4:11 AM      80
    11     High   7:40 AM     4.3   7:16 PM    Rise  4:11 PM
    11      Low   1:52 PM     0.4
    11     High   8:14 PM     4.6
Sa  12      Low   2:15 AM     0.7   6:23 AM     Set  4:44 AM      87
    12     High   8:18 AM     4.4   7:17 PM    Rise  5:07 PM
    12      Low   2:19 PM     0.4
    12     High   8:38 PM     4.9
Su  13      Low   2:48 AM     0.2   6:21 AM     Set  5:18 AM      93
    13     High   8:54 AM     4.5   7:18 PM    Rise  6:04 PM
    13      Low   2:47 PM     0.4
    13     High   9:03 PM     5.2