Monday, August 25, 2014

Wooohoooo, plenty more big hurricane swell!

Well if you haven’t heard there’s been a little bit of surf and there’s about to be a lot more!  We’re seeing the last of the Hurricane Lowell/Tropical Storm Karina swell this evening and early Tuesday morning with some funky mixed up chest high waves.  Don’t fret…the new swell will show up late morning with some bigger steep S sets starting to fill in from Hurricane Marie. Marie is sitting just a wee bit south for SD to get the direct hit but spots in N. County and farther north will reap the rewards.  By late afternoon the hot summer spots in SD County will be seeing HH sets with some OH bombs rolling through.  By nightfall and through the day Wed SD is looking at consistent 10-13’ face waves.  North of SD will be seeing the bigger waves in the 15’-18’ face range.  Ooooh, I can’t wait to see all the pics!  Swell peaks midday Wed with slightly better angle developing as Marie moves away from the Baja peninsula and a tad more into the direct So Cal swell window. 

Thursday morning we’ll see more big swell but size will drop off dramatically through the day.  By evening I’m expecting HH/OH waves around SD with better direction so more of SD will see some waves.  The summer south facing spots will still see the bigger stuff.  Friday we’re looking at shoulder/HH surf dropping off to waist high SW swell.  Saturday will be the smallest day with waist high SW swell.  The good news is that another fun (but certainly not as big) WSW groundswell will be filling in later in the evening.  Sunday and Monday the surf should hold in the chest high range for the long holiday weekend.  The good news is that the long range forecast is looking good!  Another nice energy filled groundswell looks to show sometime next Wed or Thurs.  And who knows if another big hurricane will peel off of Mex again!  September sessions baby!!!

The best part of this is that the weather is going to cooperate!  We’re looking at warm sunny skies, mostly clear mornings (good for those morning photo sessions!) and fairly light westerly winds.  Air temps in the high 70s/low 80s and warm nighttime temps in the mid to high 60s.  A bit more patchy fog setting in by Friday evening but still plenty of daytime sunshine and high 70s/low 80s along the coast for the long Labor Day weekend.  Tides are a bit extreme so heads up on the surf sessions.  There will be a lot of water moving as we come off tonight’s New Moon.  Nice high tide push for the mid-morning session and going out to a medium low in the late afternoon/early evening.  Warm water temps are driving these hurricanes and we’re benefitting with low to mid 70s all along the coast.

Great surf on the way with plenty of waves to last though the long weekend!  Wednesday and Thursday look pretty heavy for So Cal. Keep and eye on the kids at the beach as the rip currents will be strong!

Stay wet and safe So Cal!
 Building swell Friday

 Fun sets Saturday at a Secret Spot I know of...

 Fading swell Sunday

 Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with August 26, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
Tu  26      Low   4:13 AM     0.2   6:20 AM    Rise  7:19 AM      0
    26     High  10:30 AM     4.8   7:21 PM     Set  7:52 PM
    26      Low   4:13 PM     1.3
    26     High  10:19 PM     5.2
W   27      Low   4:38 AM     0.5   6:21 AM    Rise  8:12 AM      1
    27     High  10:56 AM     4.8   7:20 PM     Set  8:25 PM
    27      Low   4:48 PM     1.3
    27     High  10:52 PM     5.0
Th  28      Low   5:02 AM     0.8   6:21 AM    Rise  9:06 AM      4
    28     High  11:23 AM     4.9   7:19 PM     Set  8:58 PM
    28      Low   5:25 PM     1.3
    28     High  11:26 PM     4.6
F   29      Low   5:27 AM     1.1   6:22 AM    Rise 10:01 AM      9
    29     High  11:52 AM     4.9   7:18 PM     Set  9:34 PM
    29      Low   6:08 PM     1.4
Sa  30     High  12:06 AM     4.0   6:23 AM    Rise 10:57 AM      16
    30      Low   5:53 AM     1.5   7:16 PM     Set 10:12 PM
    30     High  12:25 PM     4.8
    30      Low   7:02 PM     1.5

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Oh boy...summer swell is upon us!

Are you ready?  We’re getting ready for a solid week of summer swells!  We’ve got groundswell and hurricane swell and waves in the shoulder/HH range for most of the upcoming week with a positive outlook after that!  Thursday we’re looking at an increase in Tropical Storm Lowell swell.  I think Lowell will have some help from his friend Tropical Storm Karina who has stalled and is making a U-turn and heading back east.  Waves pick up Friday morning with waist/chest high fairly consistent waves at the better south facing beaches.  Size bumps up to chest high with some shoulder high sets at the better breaks by sunset. Size carries through the night with more chest/shoulder high waves with a bit of a steep southerly angle on it.  A second swell fills in with a touch more SW in it so more of So Cal will see the second swell.  Size picks up a little with some HH sets not out of the question for Saturday with the summer spots still seeing the best size.  Sunday morning will see about the same size but at more beaches as the angle improves for So Cal beaches.  Size drops off to waist/chest high by Sunday evening. 

Monday morning we’re going to start seeing some long period SW swell.  Good direction from this groundswell with some nice energy and size picking up throughout the day.  Expect HH/OH waves by nightfall.  Tuesday morning will be a good day to call in sick as the SW swell maxes out late morning/midday with the tide push and nice sunny conditions.  HH/OH waves throughout the first half of the day with size tapering off in the second half of the day.  Wednesday looks to be the smallest day of the week…a day of rest…as waist high waves taper off to thigh high waves out of the SW.  The good news is that it looks like there is more activity and some nice long period, high energy SW groundswell potentially in the making.  I’ll be a bit more on the ball and see where that goes and let you know the scoop.

Weather wise my prediction yesterday of S winds and messy conditions pretty much flopped!  Crazy mix of thunder, lightning, rain, rainbows, glassy conditions and sunshine made for a pretty nice day.  Beaches in Cardiff were closed during the lightning for obvious reasons.  It looks like we’ll see mostly sunny skies a little west wind in the afternoon and air temps in the mid/low 70s.  Patchy fog in the early AM and late PM will give rise to slightly warmer days and sunny skies for the rest of the week and into the weekend.  Looks like we may see a little N wind Thursday night and into Fri morning so Friday conditions could start out with a little bump on it.  Water is still pretty nice with high 60s to low 70s around town.  Tides are medium high mid-morning and working their way to a medium low mid-afternoon before hitting the high tide again just after sunset.

Some fun swell on the way with cooperative weather and good tide movement though the day.  Have fun and stay wet So Cal!


Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with August 21, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
Th  21      Low   1:59 AM     0.2   6:17 AM    Rise  2:56 AM      19
    21     High   8:30 AM     4.0   7:27 PM     Set  4:55 PM
    21      Low   1:27 PM     2.1
    21     High   7:37 PM     5.4
F   22      Low   2:31 AM     0.1   6:17 AM    Rise  3:48 AM      12
    22     High   8:56 AM     4.1   7:26 PM     Set  5:35 PM
    22      Low   2:04 PM     1.9
    22     High   8:13 PM     5.6
Sa  23      Low   2:58 AM     0.0   6:18 AM    Rise  4:40 AM      6
    23     High   9:19 AM     4.3   7:25 PM     Set  6:12 PM
    23      Low   2:37 PM     1.6
    23     High   8:46 PM     5.6
Su  24      Low   3:23 AM     0.0   6:19 AM    Rise  5:33 AM      2
    24     High   9:42 AM     4.5   7:24 PM     Set  6:46 PM
    24      Low   3:09 PM     1.5
    24     High   9:17 PM     5.6
M   25      Low   3:48 AM     0.1   6:19 AM    Rise  6:26 AM      0
    25     High  10:06 AM     4.6   7:23 PM     Set  7:20 PM
    25      Low   3:41 PM     1.4
    25     High   9:48 PM     5.5

Small and windy mess then it's gonna get good!

Just a super quick update for tonight and a full forecast Wednesday night.

Looks like we have a low pressure system moving into town for Tuesday night through Wednesday with S and W winds blowing and about a 20% chance of some showers and isolated thunderstorms for the next two days.

Surfwise it's just going to be a bit messy with smaller surf for Wed and then some short period SW swell for Thursday and slightly better conditions.  More SW swell and some nice sized waves on the books.  Saturday looks to be the biggest day and a second swell peaks and more fun surf for the later half of Monday.

Details in tomorrow's forecast!

Stay wet ya hear!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Plenty of SW surf...not huge but fun.

Wow…looks like a fun week of swell ahead of us but a miserable week for the Hawaiian Islands.  With 3 hurricanes surrounding the islands they are in for a whopping bad time (!   We, on the other hand looks to have a week of fun SW swells.  We’ll start with Thursday’s new SW.  The buoys are jumping tonight with new SW filling in overnight.  We’ll see less NW windswell but some local SW windswell on top but by Thurs AM the groundswell will dominate.  Chest to shoulder high surf at west facing beaches and slightly bigger at the south facing spots.  Sets inconsistent as all SW groundswells are but the SW windswell should fill in the gaps with some smaller less-energetic waves in the waist/chest high range.  Swell holds for Friday and into Sat. 

The next SW groundswell will fill in Friday.  This has a bit more angle on it so less of SD will see it but OC will get a nice dose of shoulder/HH+ surf.  Swell peaks late Friday and into Sat AM then tapers off toe waist/chest for late Sat and less swell but still waist high by Sunday.  Another little SW is on the books late Monday with a bit of NW windswell.  We’re looking at waist high at best.  Some interesting activity going on around the Pacific Rim…Typhoons off Asia may kick some S swell our way, more energetic storms making their way out from behind Oz and NZ and who knows if we’ll see more hurricanes that throw some swell our way.  Lots going on with an active Pacific Ocean!

Weather is looking about the same as the past few days with mostly cloudy nights (blocking the moon for those full moon sessions!) but gradual clearing and more sunny warm days along the coast.  Humidity has backed off a little this week but looks to possibly return towards the beginning of next week.  Air temps along the coast in the mid to high 70s through the weekend. Winds fairly typical with calm mornings and mild to moderate NW winds in the afternoon.  As we approach the full moon on Monday the tides are extreme over night but through the daylight hours we’re seeing a medium high in the mid-morning and heading out to a medium low in the early/mid afternoon.  Water temps still really warm and in the low to mid 70s with high 60s north of Dana Pt.

Hoping our friends in Hawaii stay safe!  I’ll have a SPAM musubi in your honor!  SHAKA!

Stay wet!

H. Iselle prediction for the next few days.

Cardiff sunset tonight

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with August 7, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
Th   7      Low   1:32 AM    -0.2   6:07 AM     Set  2:44 AM      78
     7     High   7:57 AM     3.8   7:42 PM    Rise  5:01 PM
     7      Low  12:48 PM     2.0
     7     High   7:14 PM     6.2
F    8      Low   2:15 AM    -0.7   6:08 AM     Set  3:47 AM      87
     8     High   8:38 AM     4.1   7:41 PM    Rise  5:56 PM
     8      Low   1:42 PM     1.6
     8     High   8:03 PM     6.5
Sa   9      Low   2:56 AM    -1.1   6:08 AM     Set  4:54 AM      94
     9     High   9:17 AM     4.6   7:40 PM    Rise  6:47 PM
     9      Low   2:32 PM     1.3
     9     High   8:50 PM     6.7
Su  10      Low   3:36 AM    -1.3   6:09 AM     Set  6:04 AM      98
    10     High   9:56 AM     4.9   7:39 PM    Rise  7:34 PM
    10      Low   3:21 PM     1.0
    10     High   9:37 PM     6.7
M   11      Low   4:15 AM    -1.2   6:10 AM     Set  7:14 AM      99
    11     High  10:35 AM     5.2   7:38 PM    Rise  8:18 PM
    11      Low   4:10 PM     0.8
    11     High  10:24 PM     6.4