Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bye bye big surf...hello windswell.

I hope you all had a good time the past few weeks.  We’re on the tail end of all that fun, clean big surf.  Friday will be the very last of it for a while but onshore winds will likely make a mess of things.  Surf starts out in the chest/shoulder high range but gets small pretty quickly...and again…windblown.  By evening the swell will be in the thigh/waist high range with a bit of windswell on top. Saturday we’ll see some shorter period waist high surf out of the WNW.  That small swell peaks late in the day/early evening and fades into Sunday with knee high surf for the second half of the day.  Monday we’ll see some very small windswell as a system moves through SoCal.  Surf in the ankle/thigh high range for the day.  Tuesday we’ll see some small WNW swell and surf will bump back into the waist high range for the day.  Waves back down again on Wednesday with pretty small surf starting about waist high in the morning and ankle high by sundown.  The North Pacific looks pretty quiet after that with no big storm systems in the forecast.  

The weather is looking a bit more like winter with a few small systems making their way onshore.  There’s a slight chance of showers Friday but it’s the wind that’s going to make things messy all day.  Winds blow offshore overnight and into Saturday morning and then onshore in the afternoon.  Look for clouds Friday and a bit more sunshine on Saturday and Sunday.  Then Sunday night and into Monday we’re seeing more clouds again and a slight chance of showers.  I’d say it looks more like south winds blowing, clouds and not much else.    Daytime air temps are a bit more winter-like in the low 60s and high 50s through the next week.  Nighttime temps will be in the mid to high 40s.  With tonight’s new moon we’re looking at extreme tides for the next few days.  The King Tides are giving us a big high tide mid-morning draining out all day to an extremely negative tide later in the afternoon.  Water temps are in the high 50s throughout the county.

Looks like the days of pumping clean swell are over for now but there’s still some small stuff so stay wet San Diego!


Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with January 31, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible

F   31      Low   2:45 AM     0.7   6:45 AM    Rise  7:03 AM      0
    31     High   9:00 AM     6.5   5:21 PM     Set  6:43 PM
    31      Low   3:40 PM    -1.6
    31     High  10:02 PM     4.9

Sa   1      Low   3:34 AM     0.6   6:44 AM    Rise  7:46 AM      1
     1     High   9:46 AM     6.1   5:22 PM     Set  7:51 PM
     1      Low   4:20 PM    -1.3
     1     High  10:43 PM     5.0

Su   2      Low   4:25 AM     0.6   6:43 AM    Rise  8:26 AM      5
     2     High  10:33 AM     5.4   5:22 PM     Set  8:57 PM
     2      Low   4:59 PM    -0.7
     2     High  11:26 PM     5.0

M    3      Low   5:21 AM     0.8   6:42 AM    Rise  9:04 AM      12
     3     High  11:23 AM     4.7   5:23 PM     Set 10:00 PM
     3      Low   5:40 PM     0.0

Tu   4     High  12:13 AM     4.9   6:42 AM    Rise  9:43 AM      20
     4      Low   6:24 AM     1.1   5:24 PM     Set 11:02 PM
     4     High  12:20 PM     3.9
     4      Low   6:23 PM     0.8

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Plenty more good surf on the way!

Oh boy…what a few days it’s been.  Surf is up. Crowds are up…and unfortunately attitudes are up too!  There were a lot of folks jawing for waves out there this week. Hopefully you all had some fun ones!  There’s plenty more where that came from!  Friday morning we’re looking at slightly smaller surf to star the day.  By small I chest to shoulder high through the morning.  Buoy reading show that we should see some VERY INCONSISTENT bigger sets in the morning but the real stuff will pick up later in the afternoon.  By sunset we’ll see waves in the HH to OH+ with the bigger waves in the southern half of the county and at the winter wave magnet spots.  Saturday morning we’re going to wake up to some OH to OH++ around most of San Diego.  Expect some DOH sets at the best winter breaks. The swell peaks mid-morning and then tapers off to HH/OH by nightfall but still packing a punch.  The jet stream whisks that storm to the north pretty quickly so size will back down Sunday.  Look for the HH/OH first thing in the morning with some decent consistency and shoulder/HH with HH+ sets by nightfall. 

There’s another smaller WNW swell for Monday.  Waves start in the shoulder/HH range and then the swell starts to fill in mid-morning.  Swell peaks midday with HH+ sets and with lots of west in this swell most of SD County will see plenty of fun surf all day.  Size backs off Tuesday morning with shoulder/chest high surf for most of the day.  The next WNW fills in right after that for Wednesday with waves bumping back up into the HH/slightly OH range by midday as that swell peaks and then backs off again.  Not a lot of major activity in the northern hemi after that.  A few smaller storms but definitely much calmer than this week. 

We’re looking at some pretty dense morning fog for the next two mornings and slightly cooler air temps in the high 60s/low 70s along the coast.  A bit more clearing for the weekend with air temps in the low 70s but warming up into the high 70s and sunny by Tuesday thru Thursday.  Friday looks pretty cloudy with a wee chance of moisture but I wouldn’t put money on it!  Evening winds look light for the next few nights with E winds on tap for Friday and then some slightly more typical light to moderate NW winds for the weekend and the start of the work week.  Water temps are looking about average or even a bit on the warm side for late Jan…high 50s/60.  Tides are starting to swing a bit more as we approach next week’s new moon.  Not much movement Friday but the late morning low gives way to a very early morning high and near negative to negative midday lows through the weekend and into next week.  The draining out morning and sunset medium high tide push will help that incoming swell on Fri PM and Sat AM.

Looks like plenty more swell!  Play nicely out there and stay wet San Diego!


Ocean Notes:

1)      Friday the Body Glove Maverick's Invitational is ON!!!  The big waves and great conditions should make for some outstanding competition! Watch it live!

2)    You have to see some of the big waves coming through Hawaii the past few days.  It’s just amazing what these guys put their bodies through!  Laird was out towing Peahi and took a digger…I mean, a REALLY BIG DIGGER!

3)    Don’t count CA out of the big wave picture!  With near perfect conditions and plenty of sunshine the photogs were almost as happy as the surfers up and down the coast!

January 21, 2014 Secret Spot
Photo: Mishfish Photos (that's me!)

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with January 24, 2014.

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
F   24     High   2:45 AM     4.4   6:49 AM    Rise 12:25 AM      54
    24      Low  10:04 AM     1.3   5:14 PM     Set 11:33 AM
    24     High   3:56 PM     2.7
    24      Low   8:39 PM     1.9
Sa  25     High   3:52 AM     4.8   6:48 AM    Rise  1:26 AM      43
    25      Low  11:17 AM     0.6   5:15 PM     Set 12:19 PM
    25     High   5:33 PM     2.9
    25      Low  10:05 PM     2.0
Su  26     High   4:54 AM     5.2   6:48 AM    Rise  2:29 AM      32
    26      Low  12:11 PM    -0.2   5:16 PM     Set  1:11 PM
    26     High   6:36 PM     3.2
    26      Low  11:16 PM     1.9
M   27     High   5:49 AM     5.8   6:47 AM    Rise  3:31 AM      22
    27      Low  12:57 PM    -0.9   5:17 PM     Set  2:10 PM
    27     High   7:22 PM     3.7
Tu  28      Low  12:15 AM     1.6   6:46 AM    Rise  4:31 AM      13
    28     High   6:39 AM     6.3   5:18 PM     Set  3:15 PM
    28      Low   1:40 PM    -1.4
    28     High   8:03 PM     4.0

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A week of big fun surf!

You’ve probably already heard but just in case you haven’t…it’s about to get big. Yup, all that grumbling about it being the worst winter ever is about to end. New NW groundswell is already on the buoys at 20 second intervals so Sunday will be the first day of real swell here in So Cal for 2014.  Looks for super inconsistent waist/chest high waves to start the day with size picking up all day.  We should see chest/shoulder high waves by nightfall with some bigger HH sets at the better winter spots.  By Monday morning we’re looking at HH/OH+ surf around town with plenty of west making for fun surf all over So Cal.  Consistency should pick up throughout the day with this first of three swells peaking late in the day.  Tuesday morning we’re still in the HH/OH range as the next swell fills in on top of the first one. More HH/OH+ waves all over town with lots of west so west facing spots will most likely be closing out.  This swell peaks in the OH++ range…7-10’ faces and some doozy clean up sets at nightfall. That swell peaks overnight with plenty of swell for Wednesday morning in the HH/OH range.  Size backs off through the day with HH by nightfall. 

Thursday sees sustained chest/shoulder high surf as the next swell gets ready to move in Friday. Friday morning will be similar to Thursday but by midday/late afternoon we’ll see some very inconsistent but really big surf starting to fill in.  We’re looking at DOH (10-12’+) faced waves out of the WNW especially on the sets and certainly bigger at the best winter spots.  Saturday morning is looking pretty massive (and chaotic) as the swell holds and consistency improves through the morning.  The swell peaks a bit after midday before backing off. The jet stream has these storms moving north pretty quickly but this storm is huge so we’ll still see plenty of well OH surf for Sunday and things back off further into the HH range for Monday.  Then we get a little break as the storms window quiets down and we’re back into the waist/chest high surf.

The best news for us surfers it that the weather is going to be just about perfect. Not a drop of rain in sight and winds cooperating with the arrival of these new swells.  We’re looking at sunshine, mid to high 70s for the first half of the week and then low to mid 70s for the second half of the week and into the weekend.  The clear skies will bring in some cool nighttime temps in the mid to high 40s.  A few clouds and maybe some marine layer for the second half of the week so all you morning surf photogs get on it Mon-Wed for the best shooting conditions.  Winds will be light out of the NE or NW all week.  Water temps in the high 50s around most of town with some cooler temps south of Pt. Loma.  The tides are going to cooperate nicely with the swells as we have medium high tides mid/late-morning backing off to a barely negative low tide in the late afternoon just before sunset. 

Looks like a fantastic week of surf!  I’m sure the crowds will be crazy so be careful out there!  Stay wet San Diego!


Ocean Notes:

1)      There’s a new buzz in the lineup and it’s coming from overhead!  Check out the bird's eye footage of perfect Pipe!  Awesome!

2)    Read about Jaime Mitchell’s harrowing experience on that 60 foot wave in France last week.  Insanity!

3)   If you haven’t already glued yourself to YouTube to watch these check out Surfline’s "Wave of the Winter" lineup of some insane waves from the past few months…of course, not here in So Cal but that might all change!


 A few pics from my collection. 
January 14, 2010 Secret Spot 
Surfer: Unknown

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with January 18, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
Sa  18      Low   3:39 AM     1.6   6:51 AM     Set  8:03 AM      97
    18     High   9:44 AM     5.2   5:08 PM    Rise  7:44 PM
    18      Low   4:29 PM    -0.3
    18     High  10:59 PM     4.0
Su  19      Low   4:16 AM     1.7   6:51 AM     Set  8:36 AM      93
    19     High  10:15 AM     4.9   5:09 PM    Rise  8:38 PM
    19      Low   4:57 PM     0.0
    19     High  11:31 PM     4.0
M   20      Low   4:57 AM     1.8   6:50 AM     Set  9:08 AM      88
    20     High  10:49 AM     4.4   5:10 PM    Rise  9:32 PM
    20      Low   5:26 PM     0.4
Tu  21     High  12:07 AM     4.0   6:50 AM     Set  9:41 AM      81
    21      Low   5:49 AM     1.9   5:11 PM    Rise 10:28 PM
    21     High  11:29 AM     3.9
    21      Low   5:56 PM     0.8
W   22     High  12:49 AM     4.1   6:49 AM     Set 10:15 AM      73
    22      Low   6:58 AM     1.9   5:12 PM    Rise 11:26 PM
    22     High  12:24 PM     3.3
    22      Low   6:32 PM     1.2

Friday, January 17, 2014

Here it comes...

Ok, not just yet but surf will pick up Sunday and pump through the week with HH to OH+ waves out of the WNW. Knee high Friday and Saturday.  More details tomorrow...

Monday, January 13, 2014

Helloooooooooo NW swell!

WHOA!  Where does the time go?  My 9-5er seems to be getting in the way of my report writing and water time…not a great way to start 2014 but it looks like things are getting better for everyone!  Surf is UP and we’re going to see more great swell!  Looks like the Northern Hemi has finally figured out that it’s winter and is sending us some swell.  Yesterday and today were probably the best we’ve seen in weeks…maybe months as conditions, consistency and size were really good!  The swell has peaked with top winter spots around town bringing in 3-4’ overhead sets and chest/shoulder high surf the norm for the rest of the spots.  On top of that we had sunshine and offshore Santa Ana warm winds. More fun surf for Tuesday with howling offshore winds tonight and through tomorrow. Surf will be decreasing but will still be in the chest high range to start the day and decrease to the waist/chest high range by nightfall.  Sets still in the shoulder/HH range early.  Wednesday looks slightly smaller with waist/chest high surf with another smaller waist high NW swell for Thursday that tapers off into Friday.  Friday will be the smallest day of surf for sure!

The good news is that Saturday there’s a little bump in size in the second half of the day as a smaller NW groundswell shows up but the best news is that Sunday looks a sizable NW groundswell filling in. The storm that is creating that is hanging out in some lower latitudes and has some pretty high winds forecasted before it gets sucked up into the Jet stream.  That translates into more WNW swell for Sunday, starting in the waist/chest high range but jumping up into shoulder/HH range with OH+ sets by nightfall.  Look for OH+ waves for all of Monday and into Tuesday before it starts tapering off.  And the good news…at least for surfing is the conditions should be pretty good with sunshine and more offshore winds.

Weather wise we’re looking at a week of Santa Anas…yup…air temps in the high 70s/low 80s through the week dropping to the mid70s for the weekend and low 70s to start the week.  Not a drop of rain water in sight!  On top of that the offshore winds will be howling tomorrow and into Wed. They’ll remain light but out of the NE for the second half of the week, turn SSE for Sunday then back to NE for Monday and into the work week.  Clear sunny skies all day until next Monday too so don’t forget that SPF…even for you dawn patrollers and evening session folks!  Water temp is hovering in the high 50s…this series of NW swells might cool things down a bit but when you’re surfing in the midday 80degree sun it probably won’t feel too bad!  Tides are a bit extreme as we hit the full moon on Friday but it’s not those crazy king tides so just expect a nice tide push in early morning draining out to the negative low by mid-afternoon. That might affect spots more than the high tide. 

It’s time to get out and tire out those arms!  Stay wet San Diego!


Calvin Tom Feb. 2010 - Secret Spot
Photo: Mishfish Photos

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with January 14, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
Tu  14      Low   1:26 AM     1.8   6:52 AM     Set  5:31 AM      95
    14     High   7:40 AM     5.7   5:05 PM    Rise  4:12 PM
    14      Low   2:39 PM    -0.7
    14     High   9:05 PM     3.8
W   15      Low   2:00 AM     1.7   6:52 AM     Set  6:13 AM      98
    15     High   8:12 AM     5.7   5:06 PM    Rise  5:04 PM
    15      Low   3:06 PM    -0.7
    15     High   9:31 PM     3.9
Th  16      Low   2:32 AM     1.6   6:51 AM     Set  6:53 AM      99
    16     High   8:43 AM     5.6   5:06 PM    Rise  5:57 PM
    16      Low   3:34 PM    -0.6
    16     High   9:59 PM     4.0
F   17      Low   3:05 AM     1.6   6:51 AM     Set  7:29 AM      99
    17     High   9:13 AM     5.5   5:07 PM    Rise  6:50 PM
    17      Low   4:01 PM    -0.5
    17     High  10:28 PM     4.0
Sa  18      Low   3:39 AM     1.6   6:51 AM     Set  8:03 AM      97
    18     High   9:44 AM     5.2   5:08 PM    Rise  7:44 PM
    18      Low   4:29 PM    -0.3
    18     High  10:59 PM     4.0