Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sping winds and combo swell are here!

This upcoming week will be a combo swell week with some sprinkles…yes, Spring is here!  We’ll start off with some building combo short period NW groundswell with background steeper SW swell.  Looking at surf in the waist high range Sunday morning and some slightly bigger waist/chest high surf by the afternoon.  Wind could be a little blustery out of the SW for the later afternoon/evening so an earlier session might be wise.   Look for a little more size in the southern end of the county.  That carries into Monday to kick off the week and backs down a bit through the day.  Tuesday we’re looking at less NW and a new SW groundswell.  This will start off with the typical super inconsistent waves in the waist high range.  Unfortunately Tuesday is when we’re supposed to see some winds and showers so we’ll see a lot of chunky wind slop on top of that swell.  Wednesday the storm should pass and we’ll see more of that SW along with some bigger WNW wind swell.  Size bumps up into the chest high range for the morning session and peaks in the HH/OH range by nightfall.  Things will be tapering off pretty quickly by Thursday morning with surf back in the chest/shoulder range and way down to the waist high range by the evening.  Friday we’re looking at lingering WNW in the waist high range and a steep S that will bypass SD and most of LA/OC for the most part.  The good news is that there’s a potentially nice NW groundswell for the start of the next week and the southern hemi is looking more active these days so we’ll see if we can squeeze more swell out of there soon.

Weather wise we’re looking at some typical Springtime weather for Sunday with partly sunny skies and air temps in the low 60s.  Winds pick up early out of the S and look to stick around for most of the week. Monday is actually looking pretty sunny in the low 60s with mild winds early and picking up by mid-afternoon.  Then things take a turn and there’s a chance of showers and at least gusty SW winds for Tues and Wed.  Less wind and rain for the southern half of the county as the storm will just barely brush SD.  More winds and about the same chance of rain for LA/OC.  Chance of showers linger through Friday actually but I expect that to decrease as we get closer to the work week and we’ll actually see more sunshine than showers. (although we REALLY need the rain!)  Water temps are in the low to mid 60s but should warm up further soon with the activity in the Southern Hemisphere.  And the tides are pushing high in the morning til mid-morning, backing down through midday with a low mid-afternoon and then racing it’s way up again. 

Looks like we may have a windy mess on our hands this week.  There will be some decent swell but conditions will be questionable with plenty of west and south winds.

Either way…stay wet San Diego!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with March 30, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
Su  30      Low   3:31 AM    -0.5   6:39 AM    Rise  6:28 AM      1
    30     High   9:43 AM     5.2   7:08 PM     Set  7:24 PM
    30      Low   3:41 PM    -0.3
    30     High   9:56 PM     5.7
M   31      Low   4:14 AM    -0.7   6:38 AM    Rise  7:08 AM      0
    31     High  10:27 AM     4.9   7:08 PM     Set  8:27 PM
    31      Low   4:15 PM     0.2
    31     High  10:31 PM     5.7
Tu   1      Low   4:57 AM    -0.6   6:37 AM    Rise  7:49 AM      1
     1     High  11:12 AM     4.4   7:09 PM     Set  9:29 PM
     1      Low   4:49 PM     0.7
     1     High  11:05 PM     5.5
W    2      Low   5:42 AM    -0.4   6:35 AM    Rise  8:32 AM      5
     2     High  11:59 AM     4.0   7:10 PM     Set 10:28 PM
     2      Low   5:23 PM     1.2
     2     High  11:42 PM     5.2
Th   3      Low   6:30 AM    -0.1   6:34 AM    Rise  9:17 AM      11
     3     High  12:52 PM     3.4   7:11 PM     Set 11:23 PM
     3      Low   5:59 PM     1.7

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Surfboard APB

This bright yellow Takayama triple stringer was stolen and needs to be returned to it's rightful owner.  It's got a very obvious white patch job on the deck and a row of Takayama decals across the mid-nose.  If you see it please contact me ASAP! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Smaller combo surf and showers

A little here, a little there…combo swell is the name of the game.  Monday we’re looking at some steep NW with some background SW groundswell.  Surf picks up a bit with waist/chest high waves along the coast from both swells.  A little more SW groundswell fills in Tuesday but we’re looking at some foul weather moving into town so conditions may deteriorate through the day.  Look for the better summer spots and the northern half of the county to see more waist/chest high surf with some slightly bigger sets.  Wednesday we’re looking at a new NW groundswell filling in midday.  There’s looking at some chest high surf by nightfall.  Again, inclement weather (south winds) will play a factor in the conditions.  Swell peaks Thursday mid-morning with some chest/shoulder high waves.  The swell starts to fade through the day.  We’ll see waist high waves with some chest high sets on Friday morning.  Saturday we’ll see the tail end of that swell to start the day and a new combo of SW and NW filling in late afternoon.  Look for waist/chest to start the day with inconsistent NW waist high waves at the end of the day and swell slowly picking up through Sunday.  This swell isn’t packing a lot of punch.  The background SW swell should provide some additional fun waves also in the waist high range.

Weather wise we’re looking at some clouds on Monday with a new weather system moving in.  Tuesday will be mostly clouds with a chance of showers Tuesday night and a solid chance of showers Wednesday and into Wednesday night.  Slight chance of showers by Thursday.  This system doesn’t look to have a lot of rain in it and North County will see more than the southern half of the county.  Winds remain the main culprit to junky conditions.  Monday and Tuesday look normal with calmer mornings and winds picking up midday.  Wednesday the south winds pick up mid-morning with fairly gusty south winds for the afternoon/evening and through the night.  South winds through Thursday and lighter S winds Friday.  Air temps in the mid to low 60s through the week picking up slightly for the weekend and start of the next week.  Tides hit medium high in the morning draining out to a big low midday before filling in for the sunset session.  Water temps are in the low/mid 60s.

Looks like some medium sized combo swell that will be interrupted by a much needed visit from Mother Nature and some Spring showers.

Stay wet San Diego!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with March 24, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible

M   24     High   3:42 AM     4.4   6:47 AM    Rise  2:04 AM      52
    24      Low  11:15 AM     0.2   7:03 PM     Set 12:51 PM
    24     High   6:11 PM     3.3
    24      Low  10:56 PM     2.3

Tu  25     High   5:11 AM     4.6   6:46 AM    Rise  2:56 AM      41
    25      Low  12:18 PM    -0.2   7:04 PM     Set  1:55 PM
    25     High   6:59 PM     3.8

W   26      Low  12:14 AM     1.7   6:45 AM    Rise  3:43 AM      30
    26     High   6:22 AM     5.0   7:05 PM     Set  3:01 PM
    26      Low   1:08 PM    -0.5
    26     High   7:38 PM     4.3

Th  27      Low   1:12 AM     1.1   6:43 AM    Rise  4:28 AM      19
    27     High   7:20 AM     5.2   7:06 PM     Set  4:07 PM
    27      Low   1:50 PM    -0.7
    27     High   8:13 PM     4.8

F   28      Low   2:01 AM     0.4   6:42 AM    Rise  5:09 AM      11
    28     High   8:11 AM     5.4   7:06 PM     Set  5:13 PM
    28      Low   2:29 PM    -0.7
    28     High   8:48 PM     5.2

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Funday Monday! (and Tuesday!)

Hola!  The buoys are poppin’ and the surf’s bumping up!  A quick NW moved through the SoCal area today (Sunday) but a second a juicier swell is on its way. This swell has a bit more angle to it so the southern half of the county will see much bigger swell as well as the best winter spots.  By Monday morning we’re looking at inconsistent chest high sets with some shoulder/HH high sets. But things quickly build through the day as we see HH/OH by the late morning.  Size holds through Tuesday.  Wednesday morning might see some shoulder/HH sets but size drops off quickly through the day with waist high waves by nightfall.  Thursday looks to be the smallest day with thigh/waist high waves throughout the day.  Very late Thursday and early Friday we will have a new NW fill in.  Size isn’t looking too impressive with waist high waves along the coast…perhaps some bigger chest high sets at the southern half of the county and better winter spots.  The swell peaks overnight with size fading for the weekend…mostly knee/waist high for Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday it looks like there’s some small south that should be filling in.  Look for some inconsistent south waves in N. County and better summer beaches.  Looks like the southern and northern hemisphere are both stirring so we might have some nice combo swells.

Weather wise we are going to see a nice day Monday but significantly cooler and then Tuesday little coastal eddy moves in.  This means a bit of cooling, some chances of drizzle (but hardly measurable), a few more clouds, and some southerly winds for the rest of the week. Air temps drop off from our GORGEOUS 80 degree heat today and see mid to high 60s through most of the week and into the weekend along the coast.  Sunday looks to clear up but still remain in the high 60s.  Water temps have picked up a degree or two and it’s 63/64 along most of the coast. YAY!  After coming off that beautiful full moon the tides are pushing to a medium high mid/late morning and then draining out for a late afternoon low. 

We’ll kick the week off with fun surf!  Stay wet San Diego!

 Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with March 17, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
M   17      Low   4:11 AM     0.2   6:56 AM     Set  7:19 AM      99
    17     High  10:18 AM     4.7   6:58 PM    Rise  8:14 PM
    17      Low   4:18 PM     0.2
    17     High  10:34 PM     5.0
Tu  18      Low   4:47 AM     0.1   6:55 AM     Set  7:55 AM      98
    18     High  10:54 AM     4.4   6:59 PM    Rise  9:12 PM
    18      Low   4:44 PM     0.5
    18     High  11:02 PM     5.1
W   19      Low   5:26 AM     0.1   6:54 AM     Set  8:33 AM      95
    19     High  11:34 AM     4.0   7:00 PM    Rise 10:11 PM
    19      Low   5:10 PM     0.9
    19     High  11:33 PM     5.1
Th  20      Low   6:12 AM     0.2   6:52 AM     Set  9:15 AM      90
    20     High  12:21 PM     3.6   7:01 PM    Rise 11:11 PM
    20      Low   5:39 PM     1.3
F   21     High  12:10 AM     4.9   6:51 AM     Set 10:01 AM      82
    21      Low   7:10 AM     0.4   7:01 PM
    21     High   1:23 PM     3.1
    21      Low   6:14 PM     1.7

Monday, March 10, 2014

Peaking NW and some smaller NW on the way

Aloha and happy Monday to you all.  I don’t know WHERE the week goes.  We had a fun weekend of surf and there’s a new NW groundswell that was filling in today.  Some pretty fun and juicy waves in the chest/shoulder high range with some HH sets not uncommon especially in the better winter spots.  We’ll see more of that swell Tuesday with more shoulder/HH surf.  The swell fades in the afternoon but we’re still looking at waist/chest high surf by the new after-work session.  Waist high or so for Wed afternoon and fading through the day.  There looks to be a hint of background SW that the summer spots might see too.  It won’t be anything macking but some waist high waves for the more northerly breaks. 

Thursday looks to be one of the smaller days with though/waist high surf to start the day.  The second half of the day looks like we’ll see a new smaller NW groundswell.  The wave height really only bumps up to waist high with some chest high sets at the better winter spots  by Friday morning.  There’s a bit of an angle on this swell as the jet stream is pushing everything waaaaaaaaaay north.  Waist/chest high waves thru the day and tapering off slightly Saturday and Sunday but still mostly waist high for most of the weekend.  Monday we’re looking at the first of two back to back NW groundswells. The first one will bump surf into the chest high range by Monday morning and the second one fills in late Monday so by Tuesday we should see some shoulder/HH waves with some slightly OH waves at the best winter spots and breaks a bit farther south of La Jolla. 

If the Santa Anas aren’t already wreaking havoc on your sinuses just get ready for round two.  We’ll see patchy fog first thing in the morning Tuesday but then the sunshine breaks through and the second round of Santa Ana (dry and offshore) winds blow Tuesday night through Wednesday.  Pretty gusty offshore too so that might for some pretty nice surf conditions all day.  After Tuesday’s clouds and then clearing we will see mostly sunny skies and more hot coastal air temps especially for the weekend.  High 60s/low 70s thru the work week and back up to the high 70s/low 80s for the weekend.  (YAY!)  Water temps are actually creeping up a tad with 61-64 degrees along our shores.  The tides are starting to swing a bit more as we approach the full moon on Sunday.  High tide push at sunrise will drain out to a barely negative low in the mid-afternoon before swinging back up for that sunset tide push.

Some fun surf still hitting So Cal and some activity lurking around the Southern Hemi! 

Stay wet San Diego!

 Lingering March 7th swell…bumpy but packing some punch!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with March 12, 2014.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
Tu  11      Low  12:48 AM     2.0   7:04 AM     Set  3:50 AM      71
    11     High   6:50 AM     4.5   6:54 PM    Rise  2:45 PM
    11      Low   1:45 PM     0.1
    11     High   8:17 PM     3.7
W   12      Low   1:28 AM     1.7   7:03 AM     Set  4:28 AM      79
    12     High   7:31 AM     4.7   6:55 PM    Rise  3:38 PM
    12      Low   2:13 PM     0.0
    12     High   8:37 PM     4.0
Th  13      Low   2:02 AM     1.4   7:02 AM     Set  5:04 AM      86
    13     High   8:07 AM     4.9   6:55 PM    Rise  4:32 PM
    13      Low   2:38 PM    -0.1
    13     High   8:58 PM     4.2
F   14      Low   2:34 AM     1.0   7:00 AM     Set  5:39 AM      92
    14     High   8:40 AM     5.0   6:56 PM    Rise  5:26 PM
    14      Low   3:03 PM    -0.2
    14     High   9:20 PM     4.5
Sa  15      Low   3:06 AM     0.7   6:59 AM     Set  6:12 AM      96
    15     High   9:12 AM     5.1   6:57 PM    Rise  6:21 PM
    15      Low   3:28 PM    -0.1
    15     High   9:44 PM     4.7
Su  16      Low   3:38 AM     0.4   6:58 AM     Set  6:45 AM      99
    16     High   9:45 AM     5.0   6:58 PM    Rise  7:17 PM
    16      Low   3:53 PM     0.0
    16     High  10:08 PM     4.9