Sunday, July 28, 2013

More SW, a little wind and then more SW

Aloha!  Looks like we’re going into the week with some smaller lingering SW groundswell and a bit of WNW wind swell. Monday looks like waist high surf, kind of chunky with that combo and not that exciting to be honest.  Tuesday is the turn around day with a new SW groundswell showing its face early with some inconsistent waist/chest high waves in the morning and chest/shoulder high by the late afternoon. The swell gains some strength for Wednesday and we’re looking at shoulder/HH surf to kick off the day with some bigger sets at the better summer spots.  The swell peaks midday but we’re still looking at shoulder/HH surf through the day.  Thursday is looking a little smaller with size in the chest/shoulder high range and tapering off throughout the day.  Friday we should see the last of this swell with some waist high surf.  There’s another SW for Saturday along with some more WNW waist high wind swell (Yes, ANOTHER wind swell!).  This next SW will give us some inconsistent chest/ with HH sets by later in the day and should hold out for a solid day or so.  I’ll have to update you on the progress of this storm.

As for this crappy June-gloomish weather it looks like we should see a little more sunshine Monday and Tuesday with nighttime clouds.  Air temps in the low 70s along the coast for most of the week.  Patchy fog moves in Tues night and we’ll see it doing the early AM/late PM thing with a little clearing at the coast midday.  Winds should calm overnight tonight but it looks like Tuesday day and overnight we’ll be seeing some W winds.  They’ll be light to moderate so conditions Wed morning for that new swell will be a little lumpy.  Otherwise light winds for most of the week.  The colder water temp is an unpleasant shocker.  We’re seeing water temps in the mid to low 60s around town.  The occasional high 60s scattered around North County.  With all of these NW windswells mixing up our warm water it is keeping things cool! And the cloud cover doesn’t help either!  Hoping some of these SW swells push some warmer water our way!

Oh and if you're heading to Hawaii...especially the Big might want to bring an umbrella and a raincoat.  Tropical Storm Flossie is about to bear down on the Islands and it's windy and wet!

Overall it looks like we’ll have some fun SW swell for most of the week and into the weekend.

Gotta jam like SPAM!
Stay wet San Diego!



Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with July 29, 2013.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
M   29     High   3:15 AM     3.2   6:01 AM     Set  1:19 PM      58
    29      Low   8:43 AM     1.8   7:50 PM
    29     High   3:40 PM     4.8
    29      Low  11:01 PM     1.5
Tu  30     High   5:09 AM     2.9   6:02 AM    Rise 12:20 AM      48
    30      Low   9:49 AM     2.3   7:49 PM     Set  2:14 PM
    30     High   4:45 PM     4.9
W   31      Low  12:22 AM     1.1   6:02 AM    Rise  1:01 AM      39
    31     High   6:56 AM     3.1   7:48 PM     Set  3:07 PM
    31      Low  11:04 AM     2.5
    31     High   5:45 PM     5.0
Th   1      Low   1:17 AM     0.7   6:03 AM    Rise  1:44 AM      29
     1     High   7:55 AM     3.3   7:47 PM     Set  3:58 PM
     1      Low  12:09 PM     2.5
     1     High   6:36 PM     5.2
F    2      Low   1:56 AM     0.4   6:04 AM    Rise  2:30 AM      21
     2     High   8:31 AM     3.6   7:47 PM     Set  4:45 PM
     2      Low   1:00 PM     2.4
     2     High   7:19 PM     5.4

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More SW on the way...and more!

Aloha all!  Ah, such fun surf lately!  This last swell has been kind to us and it looks like we’re in for a bit more for the rest of this week.  Wednesday we’re looking at more waist/chest high surf out of the SW. The swell has a bit more angle on it so the better summer spots will be catching the remainder of the waves.  Size tapers off through the day but we’re already seeing the first signs of the next WSW swell on the buoys.  We should see more waist/chest high swell from a more westerly direction in the latter half of the day.  Thursday the surf stays in the waist/chest high range with some shoulder high sets at the stand out south spots.  That should see some NW wind swell on top of it so not as ideal as a solo swell but still some fun ones.  Friday will see the peak of the swell as size bumps up into the chest/shoulder range by mid-morning.  There will still be some underlying WNW windswell in there so expect some in between lower energy waves from the north.  Saturday tapers back down to waist/chest high waves for the last day of that swell.  Good news is that Sunday we’ll have a whole new SW swell…slightly smaller with a little less energy at this point but still some fun waves along the So Cal coastline.  Sunday we should see some waist high waves to start the day with waist/chest by Monday.  The really good news is that behind that it looks like we’ve got a few more storms that should produce some really nice SW groundswell…and I mean…NIIIIIIIIIIICE!

The weather pattern is changing a little as that low pressure moves away and the humidity eases up a bit.  We’ll also see a little more sunshine with highs in the low 70s along the coast and a few degrees less for sleepy time overnight.  Winds should be fairly light too Wed with a little more wind Wed night and into Thurs. That means a little texture on the dawn patrol water but overall a pretty nice day with some surf.  Water temps have cooled down with that last sizable NW windswell. South county spots have definitely cooled down and sit in the mid to low 60s. North County is in the high 60s with some cooler temps probably in the morning with the negative low tide and lack of sunshine.  Tides are moving quite a bit with that gorgeous full moon.  Look for the early morning low rising up to a medium high midday and then back out to a medium low late afternoon and then back up pretty high in the middle of the night. 

Looks like plenty more surf out there with some sizable swell heading our way for the beginning of next week!

Stay wet San Diego!

Ocean Notes:

1)  From Patagonia in Cardiff:  SLOW IS FAST Tuesday, August 13th @7pm. Join us as we host Dan Malloy, Kellen Keene & Kanoa Zimmerman for the release of their new book which covers their 700 mile bicycle adventure down the California coast. This event is free.  Click here for directions…oh and their 30% off sale is going on from July 25-30th…on select past season products.  Patagucci Sale…SWEET!

2)  This rumor just in from Surf Diva in La Jolla…their sources say Grant Twiggy Baker & Rusty Long broke the 100 ft. wave barrier in Chile.  Can’t wait to hear more!

3)  Some great footage from Derek Dunfee from a secret reef in La Jolla…shhhhhhhhhhhh…don’t tell anyone if you figure out where the footage is from.

 Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with July 24, 2013.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
W   24      Low   5:05 AM    -1.2   5:58 AM     Set  8:12 AM      98
    24     High  11:29 AM     4.9   7:53 PM    Rise  9:15 PM
    24      Low   4:59 PM     1.2
    24     High  11:09 PM     6.1
Th  25      Low   5:46 AM    -0.7   5:58 AM     Set  9:18 AM      93
    25     High  12:12 PM     5.0   7:53 PM    Rise  9:52 PM
    25      Low   5:53 PM     1.3
    25     High  11:58 PM     5.3
F   26      Low   6:26 AM    -0.1   5:59 AM     Set 10:22 AM      86
    26     High  12:57 PM     5.0   7:52 PM    Rise 10:29 PM
    26      Low   6:52 PM     1.4
Sa  27     High  12:50 AM     4.6   6:00 AM     Set 11:23 AM      78
    27      Low   7:07 AM     0.6   7:51 PM    Rise 11:05 PM
    27     High   1:45 PM     5.0
    27      Low   8:01 PM     1.6
Su  28     High   1:52 AM     3.9   6:00 AM     Set 12:22 PM      68
    28      Low   7:51 AM     1.3   7:51 PM    Rise 11:41 PM
    28     High   2:39 PM     4.9
    28      Low   9:25 PM     1.6

Thursday, July 18, 2013

SW slowly filling in...with NW wind swell

Where is it?  Well, that new SW swell is taking its sweet time filling in.  The buoys are just barely seeing that swell but it’ll fill in.  Meanwhile we’ve got some weak but playful NW windswell to keep us a little busy.  Friday looks to have more wind swell and that SW filling in some more.  SW waves should bump up into the waist/chest range by the afternoon but things will still be a little bumpy and messy with that NW windswell combo on top of it.  Looks like the swell peaks over night and Saturday will see more NW wind swell along with a new SW swell that will fill in midday.  That new SW should be a bit more consistent from the get go with chest/shoulder high waves especially for the better summer breaks...HH on the sets.  Swell holds for Sunday morning and then slowly starts to taper off in the late afternoon.  The swell tapers off through the work week with small SW swells bumping in along the way to help give the surf a little kick.  Monday looks like chest/shoulder high surf with Tuesday’s surf in the chest high range and Wednesday dropping off into waist/chest range…the smallest day of the week.  Then it looks like we’ve got a few more storms down south that will be delivering more SW ground swell.   

The news for our weather outlook to end the week is the wind. We’re already seeing some light NW winds tonight.  The morning should be fairly calm with a bit of bump on it from all that wind swell.  The offshore winds don’t look to be calming down much overnight so best to seek a spot with some kelp offshore to help deal with all that overnight bump.  Early morning and late evening marine layer with sunshine midday and air temps in the low/mid 70s along the coast.  Same for Saturday but by Saturday night we’re looking at a slight chance of thunderstorms as a funky low brings in unstable air and some showers (Figures…I just washed my car!).  Next work week starts out with that cloudiness in the AM but by midweek it looks like sunshine and clear skies!  Water temps are down a few degrees from this NW wind swell…high 60s around most of town.  Tides are on the big swing with a medium high in the morning going down to only a medium low midday but then swinging back up to a pretty high high tide by nightfall.

Enjoy this next swell…nice of it to come on the weekend!

Stay wet San Diego!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with July 19, 2013.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
F   19      Low   1:29 AM    -0.3   5:54 AM     Set  2:39 AM      78
    19     High   7:53 AM     3.6   7:56 PM    Rise  5:04 PM
    19      Low  12:36 PM     2.0
    19     High   7:08 PM     6.3
Sa  20      Low   2:17 AM    -0.9   5:55 AM     Set  3:39 AM      87
    20     High   8:42 AM     4.0   7:56 PM    Rise  6:04 PM
    20      Low   1:33 PM     1.7
    20     High   7:59 PM     6.7
Su  21      Low   3:01 AM    -1.3   5:56 AM     Set  4:45 AM      94
    21     High   9:25 AM     4.2   7:55 PM    Rise  7:00 PM
    21      Low   2:27 PM     1.6
    21     High   8:48 PM     6.9
M   22      Low   3:43 AM    -1.5   5:56 AM     Set  5:55 AM      98
    22     High  10:07 AM     4.5   7:55 PM    Rise  7:50 PM
    22      Low   3:17 PM     1.3
    22     High   9:35 PM     6.8
Tu  23      Low   4:25 AM    -1.5   5:57 AM     Set  7:04 AM      99
    23     High  10:48 AM     4.8   7:54 PM    Rise  8:34 PM
    23      Low   4:08 PM     1.2
    23     High  10:22 PM     6.5

Monday, July 15, 2013

Small then new fun SW swells!

There she goes…so long south swell!  We’re looking at a few days of quiet NW wind swell as the last of that steep south fades into oblivion.  Tuesday will be pretty quite along the coast with knee to waist high surf.  Wednesday is much of the same with the first few long period waves starting to show overnight.  Thursday looks like the day we’ll see things pick up.  The morning will start with a combo of NW windswell and waist high inconsistent SW swell.  This swell has a much better angle so more of San Diego will see waves.  By the evening session we should see some pretty fun chest high surf with some shoulder high sets at the outstanding summer spots.  Friday the swell is still on the rise for dawn patrollers with shoulder/HH surf around most of town.  Again, a little inconsistent but improving through the day.  Swell peaks late in the evening but Saturday sees a new little SW swell that will help keep surf in the shoulder/HH range with some OH sets at the better south facing spots.  Fun surf continues through Sunday in the shoulder/HH range as things start to fade.  Monday we’re still seeing plenty of swell from that second swell.  Surf in the chest/shoulder range and fading ever so slowly through the day and into Tuesday.  Looks like there’s a little SW/NW combo about a week out so more fun surf on the way!

Hot and sticky!  That’s what we’re seeing but things are finally starting to cool off a bit.  Patchy morning and overnight otherwise sunshine midday with air temps in the low to mid 70s.  Winds looks to be a bit breeze over the next few days out of the N/NW in the 5-15mph range with some 20mph gusts.  We’ll see some overnight breeze too so that means some bump for the Wed morning sessions.  (Waves will be tiny so maybe go for a jog instead!)  Winds back to normal for the end of the week and weekend with light SW winds by midday.  Water temps are a little cooler (mid to high 60s) in the southern half of the county as that last SE swell pushed the warm stuff offshore but North County is basking in the warmer low 70 degree water.  That next SW should push the 70+ degree water back onto the coastline and warm things up again.  We’re seeing a little water movement through the middle of the day with a medium low in the mid-morning and a medium high in the mid-afternoon then dipping back down to a medium low a few hours after sunset.  Not a lot of water movement but when that swell shows up we should have two nice little dawn patrol and evening session tide pushes.

Looking forward to more fun warm south swell!

Stay wet San Diego!

Ocean Notes:

1)       Who owns Pro surfing now?  It’s been sold?  I didn’t know it was for sale!  Who bought it and for how much?  Check out this  very interesting article on the subject.

2)     Here’s a great whale hugging story!   This fisherman from Virginia Beach filmed himself freeing a Northern Right whale that was dragging a huge fishing line of fishing gear.  Two thumbs up in my book!  Watch it!

3)   Need something to do this Saturday?  Check out Coastkeeper’s Heroes Brew Craft Beer Festival down at the Embarcadero Park North and sip some tasty brew while giving to a good cause…the ocean!  For more info click here!

4)   Closing today with some insane Puerto Escondido …big, BIG beach break!  The key term here is the word…BREAK!  YOWZA!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with July 15, 2013.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
M   15     High   2:05 AM     3.5   5:52 AM    Rise 12:49 PM      36
    15      Low   8:07 AM     1.4   7:58 PM
    15     High   3:17 PM     4.7
    15      Low  10:08 PM     1.7
Tu  16     High   3:43 AM     3.0   5:53 AM     Set 12:16 AM      46
    16      Low   9:04 AM     1.7   7:58 PM    Rise  1:51 PM
    16     High   4:16 PM     5.0
    16      Low  11:30 PM     1.2
W   17     High   5:28 AM     2.9   5:53 AM     Set 12:57 AM      57
    17      Low  10:16 AM     2.0   7:57 PM    Rise  2:55 PM
    17     High   5:17 PM     5.4
Th  18      Low  12:36 AM     0.4   5:54 AM     Set  1:45 AM      68
    18     High   6:52 AM     3.2   7:57 PM    Rise  4:00 PM
    18      Low  11:30 AM     2.1
    18     High   6:15 PM     5.9
F   19      Low   1:29 AM    -0.3   5:54 AM     Set  2:39 AM      78
    19     High   7:53 AM     3.6   7:56 PM    Rise  5:04 PM
    19      Low  12:36 PM     2.0
    19     High   7:08 PM     6.3

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Super steep S on the way!

Looks like that new and super steep SW filling in for Thursday.   The swell is pretty steep so most of SD County will stay in the wait to chest high range for the next 3 days but the better summer spots and breaks in the north end of North County will definitely see some larger shoulder/HH waves with OH surf not out of the question.  Thursday will start off slow as that swell begins to fill in.  Expect waist high with inconsistent chest high sets by nightfall.  Friday we’ll see waist/chest around most of town and those HH/OH waves at the good summer spots as some of that South wraps into our beaches.  The swell will fade some on Saturday with plenty of fun surf still but less of it at the non-south facing spots.  Sunday we’ll see a new SW groundswell swell move into town.  Much better angle on this one for more of San Diego with inconsistent chest/shoulder high waves by morning.  This swell’s a quick on so by Monday we’re looking at slightly smaller waves and some WNW windswell putting a little bump on it.  There’s still more fading SW for Tuesday with that WNW on top of it.  The waves really taper off in size through Wednesday with thigh/waist high surf for a few days.  It looks like we might have a really nice SW groundswell in the making for the end of next week starting Thursday.  Good angle too if the forecasted swell holds its course!  Stay tuned!

More funky weather as the latest subtropical moisture sticks around for another day bringing local showers…yes, showers around town and more low cloud cover for Thursday.  Friday and the weekend it looks like we’ll have morning patchy fog clearing to mostly sunny by midday.  Light south winds becoming west in the afternoon. Air temps in the high 60s/low 70s with a little warming for Sunday and Monday.  Water temps are in the high 60s and low 70s…a little cool for the dawn patrol with those S winds but nice if the sun peeks out midday!  We’re coming off the New Moon so we’ll see pretty low tides for the early morning sessions and a medium high midday and back to a medium low in the late evening before going back high overnight.  With that S swell filling in it should make for some nice morning sessions as that tide fills back in.

Looks like some fun surf but definitely at the more southerly facing spots!

Stay wet San Diego!

Ocean notes:

1)       We’ve all got the travel bug and dream of tropical water and glassy clean waves but who’s got the dough these days?  Here’s a great article for surf travel on a budget from our pals at Surfer Mag.

2)      The last good SW swells up here have morphed into massive wave generating machines down south in Peru and Chile…check out the pics!

3)      If you haven’t heard…handplaning is the newest (or oldest) cool thing to do in the ocean this summer!  

4)      And last but not least…some great GoPro footage of some smoking Raglan barrels.  I could watch this over and over again…it’s the stuff sweet dreams are made of!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with July 11, 2013.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
Th  11      Low   5:47 AM    -0.1   5:50 AM    Rise  8:59 AM      5
    11     High  12:22 PM     4.0   7:59 PM     Set  9:57 PM
    11      Low   5:32 PM     2.1
    11     High  11:30 PM     5.0
F   12      Low   6:18 AM     0.2   5:50 AM    Rise  9:55 AM      11
    12     High  12:57 PM     4.1   7:59 PM     Set 10:30 PM
    12      Low   6:20 PM     2.1
Sa  13     High  12:09 AM     4.5   5:51 AM    Rise 10:52 AM      18
    13      Low   6:50 AM     0.6   7:59 PM     Set 11:03 PM
    13     High   1:37 PM     4.3
    13      Low   7:21 PM     2.2
Su  14     High  12:57 AM     4.0   5:51 AM    Rise 11:50 AM      26
    14      Low   7:25 AM     1.0   7:58 PM     Set 11:38 PM
    14     High   2:23 PM     4.4
    14      Low   8:39 PM     2.0
M   15     High   2:05 AM     3.5   5:52 AM    Rise 12:49 PM      36
    15      Low   8:07 AM     1.4   7:58 PM
    15     High   3:17 PM     4.7
    15      Low  10:08 PM     1.7

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sunday Funday!

We’ve got some nice SW filling in for Sunday Funday!  Swell peaks late at night but we’ll see surf in the waist/chest high range.  South swell fades over the course of the day but we’ll see some NW windswell around to keep us busy.  More NW windswell for the start of the week with waist high waves for Monday combined with super steep S swell for the bulk of the first half of the week.  Tuesday look like mostly NW windswell and background steep S…waves in the low waist high range.  Wed we’ve got another steep SW groundswell that will mostly pass us by in SD County.  Thursday looks like that swell will fill in, again, very steep and missing SD County for the most part.  Hit up LA, The Bu or the prime summer spots around down to see any of that swell.  Still some NW windswell lingering too.  Friday and Saturday look about the same…some swinging steep S sets but only at the best S facing summer breaks.  The good news is that it looks like we’ll have more SW swell on Sunday to kick the surf up a notch!    Looks like it’s aimed more at Mainland Mex and south but we should get some of it.  I’ll let you know how that looks in a few days.

Weather pattern looks pretty steady with AM and evening coastal clouds for the next few days. Sunshine by late morning/midday and fairly light winds.  Fairly comfortable air temps in the low to mid 70s along the coast with things heating up a bit Tues and Wed.  Inland will be cooking so the coast will be the place to be!  Humidity isn’t too bad midday…pretty darn nice actually.  Can’t complain!  We’re looking at a new moon on Monday so we’ll see some decent tidal movement.  Coming off a negative low in the wee hours of the morning to a mid-morning medium high.  Mid-afternoon medium low might help out the beach breaks a bit and a nice tide push for the evening session with a much higher tide to end the day.  Water temps in the high 60s/low 70s. 

Fun surf to end the long holiday weekend!  Hope you all had fun, stayed safe and stayed SPF’d!

Stay wet San Diego!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with July 7, 2013.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
Su   7      Low   3:50 AM    -0.5   5:47 AM    Rise  5:24 AM      1
     7     High  10:18 AM     3.8   8:01 PM     Set  7:32 PM
     7      Low   3:06 PM     2.0
     7     High   9:20 PM     5.8
M    8      Low   4:19 AM    -0.5   5:48 AM    Rise  6:16 AM      0
     8     High  10:47 AM     3.9   8:00 PM     Set  8:12 PM
     8      Low   3:40 PM     2.0
     8     High   9:52 PM     5.8
Tu   9      Low   4:48 AM    -0.4   5:48 AM    Rise  7:10 AM      0
     9     High  11:17 AM     4.0   8:00 PM     Set  8:49 PM
     9      Low   4:15 PM     2.0
     9     High  10:24 PM     5.6
W   10      Low   5:17 AM    -0.3   5:49 AM    Rise  8:04 AM      2
    10     High  11:48 AM     4.0   8:00 PM     Set  9:24 PM
    10      Low   4:52 PM     2.0
    10     High  10:56 PM     5.3
Th  11      Low   5:47 AM    -0.1   5:50 AM    Rise  8:59 AM      5
    11     High  12:22 PM     4.0   7:59 PM     Set  9:57 PM
    11      Low   5:32 PM     2.1
    11     High  11:30 PM     5.0

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fading S and small S on the way

Goodness…where does the time go?  June is over and it’s already July!  We’ll celebrate with the tail end of the last WSW/NW combo swell that’s giving us some fun waist/chest high surf with some fun shoulder high sets.  The waves have had some nice energy to them with this last swell.  Things taper off a little Tuesday with mostly waist/chest high surf.  Wednesday looks like smaller thigh/waist high surf with Thursday, the 4th of July looking like the smallest day to start the loooooooong weekend off with shin to knee high waves.  The good news is that a new small SW swell will start to fill in so we’ll start to see some inconsistent thigh high waves by fireworks time.  Swell fills in a little more on Friday with thigh/waist high waves…not much improvement but better than nothing. Then we’ll see the secondary swell fill in  Saturday with more waist high surf and peaking Sunday with waist and occasional chest high surf at the better summer spots.  Not a lot of juice in this one as size starts of Monday with waist/chest high surf and backs off through the day.  Tuesday sees the tail end of the swell with some waist high surf as a little combo WNW wind and super steep S fills in.  I’m not expecting much from that steep south as it’ll pass right by SD County.

Looks like our heat wave has peaked for now with patchy morning marine layer giving way to midday sunshine and air temps in the mid to low 70s for the rest of the week.  Slightly cooler sleeping temps too in the mid-60s.  Relative humidity stays pretty high which means it’ll still be fairly hot and sticky everywhere.  Best to just go to the beach and take a dip!  Winds look calm in the mornings and evenings with some mild to moderate westerly winds picking up by midday.  Water temps are pretty nice with high 60s and low 70s just offshore.   We’ll see a medium high for the early morning sessions going to a medium low midday and then back up to a decent high in the early evening giving us a little tide push.  With the fading swell it might swamp things out for the evening sessions.  Sand bars at the better beach breaks will probably hold that higher tide.

Daz about it for now!
Stay wet San Diego!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with July 2, 2013.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
Tu   2      Low  12:44 AM     0.9   5:45 AM    Rise  1:41 AM      33
     2     High   6:51 AM     3.1   8:01 PM     Set  3:27 PM
     2      Low  11:35 AM     1.9
     2     High   6:18 PM     5.2
W    3      Low   1:36 AM     0.4   5:45 AM    Rise  2:20 AM      24
     3     High   7:57 AM     3.3   8:01 PM     Set  4:21 PM
     3      Low  12:28 PM     2.1
     3     High   7:00 PM     5.4
Th   4      Low   2:16 AM     0.1   5:46 AM    Rise  3:02 AM      16
     4     High   8:44 AM     3.4   8:01 PM     Set  5:13 PM
     4      Low   1:14 PM     2.1
     4     High   7:38 PM     5.6
F    5      Low   2:50 AM    -0.2   5:46 AM    Rise  3:46 AM      10
     5     High   9:19 AM     3.6   8:01 PM     Set  6:02 PM
     5      Low   1:54 PM     2.1
     5     High   8:14 PM     5.7
Sa   6      Low   3:20 AM    -0.4   5:47 AM    Rise  4:34 AM      5
     6     High   9:49 AM     3.7   8:01 PM     Set  6:49 PM
     6      Low   2:31 PM     2.1
     6     High   8:47 PM     5.8