Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lingering S and then kinda small

Alooooooha!  Was out of the loop for awhile but I’m back now!  Hope y’all are enjoying the early SW swell we’re having right now. Summer spots are getting some early fun waves in the waist/shoulder high range with even some HH sets rolling thru some of the better summer spots.  (WHAT!)  Friday we’ll see waist/chest high waves as that swell fades through the day.  More like waist high for Saturday with a hint of NW windswell.  Sunday thru Wednesday morning will be pretty small…knee/waist high combo of lingering S and NW windswell.  Interesting how active the Southern Hemi is right now though.  The good news is that we’ll see some new SW swell moving in late Wednesday.  This is more like our typical SW swells with very long period sets so patience will be a virtue.  Waves will pick up Thursday through the day into waist/chest high range.  We’ll still see some background NW windswell type waves but not much more than abut waist high.  Looks like there’s more activity in both hemispheres so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the Northern Hemi isn’t done pumping out some fun waves for us just yet!

We had a nice bit of rain the past two weeks but this upcoming week we’re all about sunshine and light offshore winds as a mild Santa Ana sets in for the next few days. Expect warm air temps in the mid to high 70s along the coast with low humidity and calm to light NE winds.  Overnight temps in the los 50s.  Slightly cooler for the work week but high 60s/low 70s again along the coast.  Hardly a cloud in the sky!  Some patchy fog by Monday but daytime will still be clear and sunny until about Wed/Thurs.  We’ve got a gorgeous full moon tonight which is also making for some fairly large swings in the tides.  Mid-morning high is draining out all day to a near zero foot low tide in the late afternoon.  Water temps are still really nice and hanging in the low 60s. 

Enjoy the lingering S and maybe just enjoy the sunshine and gorgeous beach weather this upcoming week! 

Stay wet So Cal!

Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with March 6, 2015.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible
F    6      Low   3:08 AM     0.7   6:11 AM     Set  6:33 AM      99
     6     High   9:14 AM     4.9   5:50 PM    Rise  6:57 PM
     6      Low   3:27 PM     0.0
     6     High   9:44 PM     4.6
Sa   7      Low   3:40 AM     0.6   6:10 AM     Set  7:06 AM      98
     7     High   9:44 AM     4.6   5:51 PM    Rise  7:49 PM
     7      Low   3:51 PM     0.3
     7     High  10:09 PM     4.6
Su   8      Low   5:14 AM     0.7   7:08 AM     Set  8:39 AM      96
     8     High  11:17 AM     4.2   6:51 PM    Rise  9:43 PM
     8      Low   5:14 PM     0.7
     8     High  11:35 PM     4.6
M    9      Low   5:52 AM     0.8   7:07 AM     Set  9:13 AM      91
     9     High  11:53 AM     3.8   6:52 PM    Rise 10:37 PM
     9      Low   5:37 PM     1.1
Tu  10     High  12:04 AM     4.5   7:06 AM     Set  9:51 AM      85
    10      Low   6:37 AM     0.9   6:53 PM    Rise 11:32 PM
    10     High  12:36 PM     3.3
    10      Low   6:01 PM     1.5

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