Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Some fun surf and then some small wind swell.

Had enough rest?  Man, the surf has been good this winter!  After a little break these past few days we’re looking at a slow start to Wednesday with knee high surf but things pick up in the afternoon.  A new west swell fills in through the afternoon with waves picking up into the waist/chest high range by nightfall.  By Thursday morning surf hits the shoulder/HH range.  The swell peaks midday with HH surf and then starts to back off in the second half of the day.  Chest high surf by nightfall and into Friday morning.  Swell backs off further thru Friday with waist high surf for the second half of the day.  Looks like a low pressure system is moving in Saturday and will bring in a little messy waist high wind swell with it.  Sunday looks like more of the same perhaps a little smaller.  But of course, the next WNW swell will begin to fill in overnight but it’ll be a smaller one this time.  Surf bumps up through the day Monday with size reaching the chest high range by late afternoon.  Size stays about the same for Tuesday with a little better consistency and on into Wed. There’s one more smaller west swell that looks to show up towards the end of the week.  Winter’s not over!

We’ve had some pretty good luck with perfect conditions.  That’s going to change a bit this weekend.  There looks to be a few more clouds with some midday sunshine through the week.  Overnight clouds and fog with daytime temps in the high to mid 60s.  Overnight temps in the mid-50s.  By Saturday a low pressure system will move in and we’re looking at a small chance of showers overnight.  Things clear up for Sunday with a little warming trend over the course of the week.  Winds start offshore and become west in the morning.  Winds remain calm in the evenings and light westerly breezes during the day.  Winds will turn out of the south towards the weekend.  Water temps remain in the low 60s.  With Thursday’s new moon we’re going to see some fairly extreme tides with big high tides in the morning draining out to an extremely low tide by the late afternoon.  Pick your tides wisely…the morning session will be swamped and tidepooling will be good in the afternoons.

Some fun surf, a little inclement weather and some finicky tides await us!
Stay wet SoCal!


Tides for La Jolla (Scripps Institution Wharf) starting with February 18, 2015.

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible

W   18      Low   2:02 AM     0.6   6:29 AM    Rise  6:03 AM      2
    18     High   8:17 AM     6.3   5:37 PM     Set  5:41 PM
    18      Low   2:54 PM    -1.6
    18     High   9:13 PM     4.9

Th  19      Low   2:49 AM     0.3   6:28 AM    Rise  6:48 AM      0
    19     High   9:02 AM     6.3   5:38 PM     Set  6:51 PM
    19      Low   3:32 PM    -1.4
    19     High   9:51 PM     5.2

F   20      Low   3:37 AM     0.1   6:27 AM    Rise  7:30 AM      1
    20     High   9:48 AM     5.8   5:39 PM     Set  8:00 PM
    20      Low   4:10 PM    -1.0
    20     High  10:31 PM     5.2

Sa  21      Low   4:27 AM     0.1   6:26 AM    Rise  8:12 AM      5
    21     High  10:37 AM     5.2   5:39 PM     Set  9:07 PM
    21      Low   4:50 PM    -0.4
    21     High  11:14 PM     5.2

Su  22      Low   5:23 AM     0.3   6:25 AM    Rise  8:54 AM      11
    22     High  11:30 AM     4.4   5:40 PM     Set 10:12 PM
    22      Low   5:31 PM     0.3

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